'Birth of a Nation' launches voter registration initiative

Allan Goodman
September 27, 2016

Registration and voting-related searches usually peak around October, when many Americans are rushing to figure out when their state's voter registration deadlines are.

And I thought Google does no evil? Register again if you move to a new address. Okay, just kidding - I have zero opinion on politics outside of finding the humor in it.

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, when you're encouraged to sign up to vote if you're not already registered.

So who are you voting for?

Voters in CT have until November 1 to register by mail, online or in-person. Headcount has now registered almost 400,000 new voters. You can also find out about voter registration in your state here. (Nine are held by Democrats, three by Republicans).

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Now in its fifth year, National Voter Registration Day has been a game-changing annual nonpartisan campaign to register hundreds of thousands of voters in communities and online.

For more information on the league's efforts, go to omahalwv.org.

"The act was passed to overcome many legal barriers that individuals faced when exercising their right to vote but section four was ruled unconstitutional by the USA supreme court in 2013".

Tuesday, September 27, is Voter Registration Day, and the Washington County Democrats are participating. "We host candidate and issue forums and registration drives while also providing trusted and timely elections information on VOTE411.org. We do this because we believe our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard".

Sharon Burlingame is president of the League of Women Voters of Henderson County.

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