Former Trump tax adviser: Trump had 'zero involvement' in preparing tax returns

Allan Goodman
October 6, 2016

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Sanders, however, said on "This Week" of Trump's possible federal income tax avoidance over almost two decades: "assuming that it is legal, what it tells you is you have a corrupt tax system, which says to ordinary people, you're supposed to pay your taxes".

The Trump campaign's response said nothing about whether the candidate has ever paid income taxes. But there's no way to know for sure without seeing Trump's federal tax returns.

After a few hedges, Eric claimed that he had seen his father's tax returns, and they will be revealed after a supposed audit is complete.

She was widely viewed as the victor of last week's first presidential debate, rattling the real estate mogul with jabs about his business record, responding to his attacks with calm rejoinders, and sending him into a multi-day tailspin over comments he made about a beauty queen's weight 20 years ago. "Of course, yes, absolutely", he said.

Despite the attention surrounding his 1995 tax returns, Trump is still refusing to release the rest, as Clinton already has.

"I thought it went well for the Trump campaign", Sessions said, adding he thinks Kaine may have gotten bad advice from the Clinton campaign as he prepped. "I don't know that that's much of a credential".

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If Mr. Giuliani thinks that Mr. Trump is smart and all of the rest of us are dummies because we believe in America, we believe in our kids, we believe in national defense, well I think they have a very distorted view of the American people and what this country is about.

"What we did as a bank group is we said, 'Why should we be self-destructive and put the guy into bankruptcy?,'" Pomerantz said. I haven't been to Russian Federation in like six, seven years, off the top of my head, five years, six years, seven years? Clinton said. "I prepared to be president".

"It's shocking when women are called names and judged exclusively on the basis of physical attributes", the Democratic presidential candidate said in response to a 15-year-old girl's question about the problem of body image and the "damage Donald Trump does" when he talks about how women look. "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets", Donald Jr. said. As the Washington Post notes, "It may be possible that [Trump] has no current investments in Russian Federation, but not for lack of trying".

"I like what he said at the debate", Bigelow said, "I'll even go against my attorney and I'll release my taxes as soon as you release your 33 thousand deleted emails". "If you know if we have assets in Russian Federation, go and see if our name is on a building".

Pence, who has a low-key style compared to Trump's signature bombast, said Trump as a NY real estate developer had created thousands of jobs and had used USA tax laws as they were designed to be used. We're a bricks and mortar company. We're talkin' really yuge, handsome words here, folks.

The early part of the debate was particularly tough to watch, with both men - and in some cases, inept moderator Elaine Quijano - talking at the same time.

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