Rockstar Cracks Down On GTA Online Cheaters, Deletes Trillions Of 'GTA Dollars'

Allan Goodman
October 27, 2016

Players all around the world have been told by Rockstar Games that those who have unlawfully gained cash within the Grand Theft Auto Online universe will be reprimanded right away and their funds will become inaccessible. They even resort to GTA Forums online to learn about the latest developments of the game. This is only a small part of the company's efforts to keep things on the level for its massive amoun of players.

Question: Why did I receive an alert when logging into GTA Online saying that illegitimately gained in-game money was removed from my shared bank?

Under the new policy, one infraction for modding, cheating, exploiting or otherwise "interfering with other players' gameplay experience" will earn a suspension, while two will earn a permanent ban.

In any case, new attempts to balance out the money supply may be small comfort to players that have been complaining about how easy it is to cheat at GTA Online since the service launched three years ago. They will now be coming for GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and have apparently replaced the planned single player DLC for the game.

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Over at Rockstar Newswire, the developer has released some new info and image of the Pegassi Vortex to expand the GTA Online: Bikers - Ride collection.

Some GTA Online players have anxious in forum posts that innocent gamers will get wrongly suspended and lose their progress.

The GTA Online marketplace is now valued at over half a billion U.S. dollars. While a harsher punishment will be a deterrent for some, others will continue to cheat as countless other games have shown. This ban process can not be appealed.

There's also an anniversary sale of fan-favorite items until the first week of November to celebrate GTA Online's third year. Damned mode which is described as a classic clash between Good and Evil where gamers see Angels and Demons fight it out for the ruling hand in the party.

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