Uber App for Android & iOS gets the much needed overhaul - Download APK

Allan Goodman
November 4, 2016

Uber has just started rolling the new app out, and among the options soon to be available is the ability to integrate the app with contacts, and use them as destinations. This will save a minute or two while using the app if you are in a rush. Once connected, the rider's meetings and appointments will automatically appear as shortcuts. With its growth, Uber has constantly been making updates and offering additional features to users.

Once you do request a driver, you'll see clear pricing estimates for every type of ride, whether you want to save money in an UberPool or ride in luxury in a black vehicle.

"To recapture the clean aesthetic of the original Uber experience - without sacrificing the choice our riders now expect - we rebuilt a faster, smarter rider app completely from the ground up", Yamashita wrote in a blog post. "We needed a new system to deal with the growing set of features that were sort of piling up on the older design". "Being predictive and personalized in how you experience Uber is really important". "And by starting with your destination, we can tailor the journey to you".

Now the US-based firm is looking to "simplify" its app and make it "seamless". The app will also recommend the best places to be picked up in congested areas. Feeling that some of its newer additions may be complicating the process, Uber has chose to streamline its application.

For the feed, Uber partnered with Yelp, Foursquare, Snapchat and Pandora, and plans to announce more partners soon. "When we introduced the "scheduled rides" feature, we couldn't find space, so we had to slap a button on top".

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The latest update also includes something called the "on trip feed".

As a result, the tech giant has opted to come in with a redesign for the Uber app in a bid to bring back that simplistic interface while at the same time beefing the app with nifty features to make your experience with the service even better. People can then type a friend's name into the search bar instead of an address. The app then notifies your friend and asks for permission to share their location. Depending on how you use ride-hailing, this might be a pretty convenient convenient.

But it also provides perhaps the clearest view yet of where the company is heading and how it's thinking about artificial intelligence. No wonder the app is noticeably faster as well.

While these both sound like intriguing changes, they're also not quite ready for the public yet.

Over the years, Uber's home screen became stuffed with new features that had the potential to confuse users.

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