Google Home Review Roundup: The Future Is (Almost) Here

Allan Goodman
November 5, 2016

Since these skills proved to be a hit among Echo users, it helped to place Echo as one of Amazon's most prominent pillars.

When Google Home debuted last month, Rishi Chandra, vice president of product management for Home products, said he anticipates Google Assistant being as big or bigger than Android, the company's mobile operating system. Our review of the device concluded that the Home isn't almost as capable as the rival Amazon Echo, which pioneered the smart speaker category two years ago.

So far, there are limited options on Google Home.

It takes practice to understand what sorts of information Google Home is good at providing. Is Apple going to launch its own home device and make my choices even harder? You can link and customize compatible Chromecast devices (my Nvidia Shield worked but my Vizio P-Series wasn't compatible), choose news sources, and link to the three smart home services now compatible with it.

Google Home allows you to Google search by just asking a question!

"Initially we got it for music", said Brian Bishop, a business analyst in Tomball, Texas, whose family uses two Echos. I only had a single Google Home unit to test, but if you have multiple you can group them and play the same music across all of them; you can also add Chromecast Audio players to those groups too.

The customize bottom will be available in various colors with the metal and fabric. It's just a plain black or white cylinder that gives off a cold, industrial vibe. If you want to turn off the listening feature entirely, there's also a mute button on the device. Also, on at least one album (the "Sleepless in Seattle" soundtrack), Home repeatedly declined to play more than one song, while the Echo played them all. Move your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the volume.

You can even ask the Dot to play music from either Spotify or Amazon Prime Music, just like with the full-size Echo.

User's important information: User can command Amazon Echo for weather update and other important information needed.

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The new Google pixel which is the one as built into the Google Assistant and new chat app called Google Allo.

In my tests, it was often a toss-up as to whether the Google Assistant or Alexa would do better.

Google's expertise in areas like search, transportation, and translation clearly help make Home better at answering questions related to those topics.

It's not enough that Google knows what you want to know about when you're sitting in front of your computer or fiddling with your phone.

As of this moment, Google Home is a little more than a toy. Dan Seifert writes: "The Home has something that the Echo doesn't: a wealth of knowledge about the world, my personal preferences, and my habits". One of the downsides of Amazon's Echo is that it isn't exactly a attractive piece of hardware.

There's also another neat trick that Alexa offers: if it can't find what you're looking for, it will automatically add that item to your shopping list. One of the issues I was anxious about when setting up Google Home was that it uses the same so-called hot word as Google on my phone and desktop.

As you might expect, Google Home gets the basics right. While the Echo's plastic housing has a high-quality matte finish, the Dot is constructed from a glossy plastic, which feels cheaper, and a lot less premium.

CNN is launching a new app for Amazon's Alexa platform and its line of Echo speakers that will connect the news network's TV network more directly with the voice-based computing platform. Google Home attracts everyone those who all never used here before the voice-controlled digital assistants at home.

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