Changes In Pokemon Powers Revealed In Latest Updates; Ditto Arrival Causes

Delia Watkins
November 26, 2016

Pokemon GO creators Niantic Labs launched their Thanksgiving Event on November 23, 2016 which doubles the XP and Stardust for players in the game - and along with it the introduction of the mythical Ditto. By this, we mean that you might have a hard time catching this critter if you tried looking for it the same way you did for other wild Pokemon.

It is insidiously hard.

True to his nature, Ditto can transform into any Pokemon you put in front of him. Instead Ditto does what his species does best, he mimics other characters and hides in plain sight. If four people all caught the creature that it shapeshifted into, then all four people will see it transform back into Ditto. It's literally the luck of the draw. However, it will not change into the next Pokemon in the Pokemon GO gym.

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You can update your Pokemon GO app to enjoy the updated Nearby and Sightings features. The company also revealed that using the Pokemon in Pokemon Gym Battles can be quite tricky as it copies the first Pokemon it sees and stays that way all throughout the bout. However there is one 1st generation Pokemon that has yet to be found, and that is Ditto. However, one unusual thing about Ditto is that it's not in is original form.

According to Niantic, more areas are going to be added in the near future. Just in time for Thanksgiving, players now have a reason to get up and walk around for Ditto hunt with Nearby tracker to boot.

What's good about the changes in CP is the transformation that is noticeable from the underestimated Pokemons such as Rhydon which has become a beast after receiving bigger buff. Although rare, you can catch multiple adorable blobs as well. Only catching that Pokemon will tell you what exactly you managed to bag. The post doesn't really tell us anything new, but at least now we know this is the real deal.

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