Free HIV AIDS Testing Event Set For Dec. 15

Joy Montgomery
December 3, 2016

In Pakistan, more than 2000 cases of HIV were reported, last year.

World AIDS Day is Thursday and it didn't go unnoticed in Shelby County. For those with positive results, World Health Organization recommend they should receive information, link to counselling and see rapid referral to prevention, treatment and care services. Confidential testing IS simple, convenient and fast.

More than half of respondents surveyed had never been tested for HIV.

A daily pill could be the answer to getting rid of HIV.

One of these groups, Positives Empowering Positives, isn't only advocating for those already living with HIV, but is also advocating for people to get tested and be informed.

The day is important because it reminds the public and government that the HIV is still claiming the lives of the people. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome also known as AIDS was first identified in 1981 and it was soon named as AIDS in 1982.

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According to a new WHO Progress Report, although a similar number of HIV positive people are on antiretroviral therapy (ARTs), about 40 percent of all people with HIV (over 14 million) remain unaware of their status.

State and local health officials and prevention advocates today (Thursday) announced a statewide initiative to end HIV/AIDS transmission in OR over the next five years. OR will increase the proportion of Oregonians who test for HIV by implementing statewide early intervention services. "Breaking Stigma that Hinders HIV Testing and Care" is aimed at both health care providers and individuals in the population that Crusader serves.

"From a policy and resource perspective, we now have to provide the supporting environment and services to ensure that we can plug the gaps that can possibly prevent us from meeting our testing and treatment goals".

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel", Schafer said.

The Foundation for AIDS Research or amFAR has helped develop new treatments, donating more than $450 million to both scientists and researchers.

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