You Wouldn't Believe How Hideo Kojima Created Death Stranding

Allan Goodman
December 6, 2016

On Thursday, Hideo Kojima debuted his new trailer for Death Stranding during the Game Awards 2016, which featured an animated version of Del Toro. Kojima didn't show up empty-handed, though.

The new "Death Stranding" trailer is full of creepy stuff like this.

Earlier this year, Kojima took a tour across a variety of Sony-affiliated studios along with Cerny in search of an engine to build Death Stranding with.

"I have proven to be the albatross of video games", Del Toro told Shack News.

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Death Stranding - what's it all about?

The Game Awards 2016 will kick off in a matter of minutes and for anyone not in the know, it's effectively the Oscars for the video game industry. Following the official announcement of Death Stranding during Sony's E3 conference this year, Kojima stated that he still hadn't picked an engine for the game, although he had selected a few candidates.

As we all know, Hideo Kojima was the mind behind "Metal Gear Solid" right before the bitter divorce from Konami.

The Dutch developer gave Kojima a box with the engine's source code at their first meeting, before any contracts were signed. Mads Mikkelsen, a Danish actor best known as the bad guy from "Casino Royale", appears to be the antagonist. The event will also have Kojima with Geoff Keighley, and hopefully Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro too. Kojima left the company, went independent, and announced Death Stranding. We have a reason to believe that the female character will be played by Stefanie Joosten. Mads Mikkelsen also joins The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus in what is shaping up to be a star-studded cast. Drew Thaler from Naughty Dog believes that the partnership between Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games is a " hot match up" and they they are both "creative power houses" who will "raise the bar". For example, when I made Metal Gear, it was an action game but it was different because the main thing was about hiding.

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