LG's new flagship TV is so thin it's barely there

Allan Goodman
January 5, 2017

I'll be having a closer look at these new TVs over the next couple of days and will of course report what I find on my Forbes channel.

LG has announced a full lineup of OLED televisions for 2017, including the fantastic W7 "picture-on-wall" model.

"Since couple years ago, we have been introducing products that are introduced at CES as products that can be actually purchased immediately instead of products that are going to be sold in the future." said a high-ranking official of LG Electronics. It's lightweight, too: the 77-inch model weighs just 27 pounds, while the smaller 65-inch model clocks in at just 17 pounds - so you might not need much help to install the TVs. Unfortunately, due to its structure, it can not stand on its own, so the only option is to mount the TV on the wall.

Boasting a 65-inch-wide screen, the TV is only 2.57 mm thick. He then joked that he "would be happy to be proven wrong, LG" in regards to the price.

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Panasonic says the HDR OLED on its latest model panel has "double the peak brightness" of other OLED TVs and has a new processor. While the Sony CES 2017 press conference failed to deliver any huge tech news there are a few items with highlighting, especially the Bravia OLED A1E TV. Not quite. The A1E series has Sony's Acoustic Surface technology, which vibrates the display itself and allows "sound to be output directly from the TV screen".

Google's Android TV software for accessing internet content was also built into the screens, according to the Japanese consumer electronics and entertainment titan. Sony also hasn't given a release date, though TVs announced at CES typically launch by spring.

"Despite some challenges, we've made big strides in 2016, gaining market share in TVs, home appliances, wearables and smartphones", said Samsung Electronics America chief operating officer Tim Baxter. However, customers will get the same OLED panel in all of the televisions, so the W7, which is expected to be the most expensive, will deliver an identical picture to other LG OLED televisions, like the B7, C7, and G7. LG would probably disagree with the whole "unprecedented" thing, but it probably holds true compared to Sony's previous televisions.

No pricing or availability yet for these OLED and Super UHD LCD TVs. The high-end C series includes 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, a super slim design with scene-by-scene color grading, brighter whites and deeper blacks.

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