Trump Fuels Debate over Campaign Hacking

Violet Powell
January 5, 2017

Trump posted a number of tweets commenting on the interview, pointing out that Assange has once again said that Russian Federation did not leak the DNC information.

Mr. Assange reiterated in an interview this week with Fox News' Sean Hannity that Russian Federation was not WikiLeaks' source for the internal emails from Democratic officials his group released during the presidential campaign.

Recent reports citing anonymous sources have said the Central Intelligence Agency concluded Russian Federation actively intervened in the election through the email hacks in order to boost Mr. Trump's chances against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

But Reuters reported late Wednesday that usa intelligence agencies obtained conclusive evidence after the election that the Russian government passed the emails to WikiLeaks through a third party.

Trump and Pence, who will take office on January 20, are scheduled to receive a briefing from intelligence officials on the hacking issue on Friday.

Trump also suggested Wednesday in a tweet that one of Russia's primary targets, the Democratic National Committee, could be to blame for being "so careless". Wikileaks has declined to say where the emails came from, but Mr Assange said they were not from "any state party".

On Tuesday, he tweeted sarcastically that he had yet to be presented sufficient evidence by government security advisors.

Graham said comments made by Trump had been "disturbing" and told CNN he hoped Trump would trust the intelligence community over comments made by Assange.

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US intelligence has insisted Russian hackers did provide Assange with information WikiLeaks released in October that embarrassed Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. People are always getting emails phishing for their passwords; John Podesta is not a special case - he was just successful tricked.

Earnest and other officials denied there was any change to a scheduled Friday briefing to Trump and his aides from the CIA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence.

Julian Assange, the darling of the left when Wikileaks was embarrassing the Bush administration, has stated on camera and for the record that Russian Federation was not the source of the Wikileaks documents that embarrassed the DNC and its toady media conspirators, who colluded to sabotage the Sanders campaign, and then the Trump effort.

The president-elect has confounded members of both political parties by seemingly siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who vehemently denies any Russian involvement in the presidential race, over the country's own intelligence analysts.

The President-elect is casting doubt on an upcoming intelligence briefing on the investigation into Russia's alleged hacking of Democratic emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"We published several...emails which show Podesta responding to a phishing email", said Mr Assange.

Well, that's about as unequivocal as you could ask for, while keeping in mind that the reliability of this claim rests entirely on how much credibility you give to Assange as an unbiased actor in all of this.

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