Don't repeal Obamacare without an alternative

Joy Montgomery
January 9, 2017

As Senator Sanders has noted again and again, the lagging far behind the modern world in the terms of providing healthcare, so why is Obama acting as if his plan was somehow the cream of the crop? That type of plan was created as an option for states through the Affordable Care Act and requires the federal government to pay 95% of tax credits and cost-sharing reduction subsidies it would have paid if the person bought insurance on the marketplace. She said through the ACA, she became eligible for a prescription drug benefit program for people who had insurance but could not afford the medication.

And they don't seem all that close to coming up with a replacement.

Like nearly all businesses, insurance companies and the health care industry dislike volatility and uncertainty. The crucial question now is: Replace it with what? If you don't mind waiting on hold, this can be a helpful resource when you're unsure of whether or not a particular program will cover your medications, if your doctor is in network or if you want to ask other questions.

"We have a great number of people relying on Medicaid in this state, and herein lies the challenge for Congress", Conway said.

"We're in the midst of a rural hospital closure crisis right now, and that is with the ACA currently in place", Alan Morgan, the CEO of the National Rural Health Association, said in an interview Thursday. That is roughly $10,000 annually per person. Since it was proposed it has been poked and prodded more than a test patient at a proctology practicum, and with no real result. Comparatively, life expectancy in the 42nd in the world. "Last year, the Obama administration announced a 25 percent increase in premiums across the nation".

Since the Affordable Care Act's enactment Bartimole said problems have resonated, including high premium costs. Numerous diseases and illnesses that afflict Americans do not simply happen to us.

"They should have put a little more work into it".

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What should we replace Obamacare with? "We have to be able to make the math work". The plan ignited a debate among conservatives about whether the plan was the same as Obamacare's mandate, which charges tax penalty to people who don't buy insurance.

Other local residents, such as Carl Felosa of Shinnston, said they dislike Obamacare because of the cost.

"House Republicans are committed to developing a new health care system which addresses numerous same challenges that Obamacare attempted to deal with, but failed miserably, including increased access to health care by the uninsured population and lower premiums".

I would argue that a new model of insurance can accomplish several important goals simultaneously.

Not having insurance, in America in 2017, is the equivalent of not having medical care. The individual decides what he or she wants done and by whom. We throw our elders away these days, or make them wards of the state.

Republicans in the House have wanted to repeal the health care bill since it passed.

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