Montana lawmakers to form panel to look at Obamacare repeal

Peter Castro
January 17, 2017

President Barack Obama waved farewell to the nation Tuesday night, with less than 10 days left in his second term, while Republican politicians made headway in their goal to send his health care law out the door with him.

And it could take a while.

Speaker Paul Ryan said that House Republicans and Trump are "in complete sync" on the resolution.

"We do have members who feel if we don't do them together, the replacement plan will never happen, " Republican Rep.Chris Collins of NY said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Democrats will also make the argument that that Republicans can not realistically "repeal" parts of the law without excluding popular provisions like protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Montana Republican legislators are forming a panel of lawmakers and industry leaders to try to come up with a replacement for the Affordable Care Act in the state. The Arc of New Jersey urges lawmakers to preserve the ACA or at least replace it simultaneously with a functionally equivalent alternative.

Sure enough, as Ryan's televised interaction with a Republican whose live was saved by the ACA revealed on Thursday, there is no replacement plan. Democrats say they will counter Republicans' efforts by bringing Americans whose lives have been positively affected by the law to these hearings. There is stiff political resistance among Republicans to voting on one, sweeping legislative package.

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The Trump team no doubt was pleased with the confirmation hearing on Tuesday for attorney general nominee, Sen . "We've made progress", Lewis testified, "but we don't want to go back".

During the press conference, elected officials and health care advocates encouraged consumers who need insurance to sign up for coverage through the health care marketplace.

In a reform plan released previous year, House Republicans called for raising a cap on how much more older people can be charged for individual insurance than younger people.

"You could, I think, relatively simply address the issues that the exchanges have", said Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere Health, a health consulting firm, noting that other major programs including Medicare have been tweaked repeatedly since their creation. After more than six years, 28 million people remain uninsured.

In about one-third of USA counties, consumers in the individual markets don't have a choice of plans.

The biggest problem with the current GOP prescription, using a budget process that requires only a simple Senate majority, is that it would maintain services, while eliminating the taxes that pay for the costlier parts and the Medicaid expansion, while providing a big tax break to the wealthiest taxpayers. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Friday in a dig at the statute's name, the Affordable Care Act. Now we've taken the first step to get rid of the bad system. "They want to cut access and run". Mandating a one-size-fits-all health insurance plan doesn't make sense. Rand Paul of Kentucky as the only Republican to oppose it.

Broadly, there is a philosophical debate here about whether the federal government has an obligation to insure all Americans, or whether Americans should decide whether or not to have insurance.

"There needs to be more thoughtfulness", said Zipkin. Kasich is term-limited, and Schiavoni said it's likely the Republicans vying to succeed him will be pushed by a conservative primary electorate to abandon the outgoing governor's health care positions. The Senate passed the resolution on Thursday.

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