Trump EPA pick Pruitt is a homerun

Delia Watkins
January 20, 2017

But OEC is concerned with President-Elect Trump's choice to head the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

California regulators have used the waiver to force automakers to build more efficient vehicles, which has helped the state cut its greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks by almost a third since 2009, the LA Times noted. During his campaign in 2010, Pruitt received almost $38,000 in contributions from executives with the poultry companies named in the lawsuits and their lawyers.

While the Trump regime appears to be devoted to the oil industry and Pruitt would undoubtedly advance that agenda, the EPA is too important to maintaining and advancing issues of human health and safety to allow it to be run by a person whose allegiance is to the fossil fuel industry. Pruitt added that he does not know the science behind lead poisoning: "I haven't looked at the scientific research", he said.

When asked about the idea, Pruitt said he did not want to "pre-judge" the outcome of the comment period. He brings to the position a record of extraordinary competence, managerial skill, experience with environmental issues from the perspective of a state official, and, importantly, expertise in constitutional law. "Pruitt has made a career of suing the Agency to stop the implementation of rules that protect our water and air from pollution". But their confidence has been based on the assumption that certain federal environmental policies, like the waiver and tax credits for wind and solar energy, would endure.

"It gives me little comfort you are not willing to answer those questions here", he said.

But Democratic Senator Edward Markey of MA moved focus to Pruitt's numerous law suits against the agency. The "right-to-farm" initiative, which was rejected by voters, would have required the state's courts to overturn any agricultural or livestock regulations unless there was a "compelling state interest" to uphold them. It led Sanders to tweet: "We can not have an EPA administrator who denies climate science".

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Ajay Mathur, a key climate negotiator for India and the delegation's spokesman at the 2015 Paris summit, says the United States could definitely stall the ratcheting up of ambition under the agreement. Thirteen other states in the Northeast and on the West Coast have often followed California's lead. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., said Pruitt would help to quell the "regulatory zeal" of the past eight years. Sen.

"Having worked as an environmental scientist now for over half a century, I have become familiar with numerous great constitutional warriors who want the best for the environment while maintaining the highest level of scientific ethics and accuracy".

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., noted a 2014 New York Times investigation that a found a letter written by Pruitt disputing EPA estimates about the impact of natural gas drilling was actually authored by lobbyists for Oklahoma-based Devon Energy.

Donald Trump put forward Scott Pruitt's name to head up the EPA back in early December, a move which was greeted with the appropriate levels of shock and anger such a nomination deserves. They say the goals are unrealistic without an overhaul in automobiles and infrastructure, and are calling for changes. "We should not succumb to personalizing matters", he said. Democratic members, on the other hand, were sharply critical of Pruitt's history, attempting to paint him as a friend to polluters. One of the groups, the Environmental Defense Fund, said it had never lobbied against an EPA selection until now.

During his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Pruitt told the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, "science tells us the climate is changing and human activity in some matter impacts that change." .

Democrats, however, portrayed him as a lackey for energy companies that have contributed to his political campaigns. Rather than be ridiculed, Pruitt should be applauded for opposing these rules, which would cost billions in economic activity every year and prevent only 0.01 degrees C of potential future warming, according to EPA's own calculations.

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