Google Is Telling Us To Dump Our Nexus 5

Delia Watkins
January 24, 2017

However, for those of you wondering what is Google Voice app then it is basically a virtual phone-number service that lets you use various useful telephony features.

Google today released new web and mobile versions of the app that aim to up the ante against its numerous rivals in the voice-over-IP market. Its new user interface simplifies the look with just three tabs for phone calls, text messages and voicemail. Voicemail transcription now works for Spanish as well.

Google continues to improve and they have rolled out a new feature for the Android supported device is which would allow them to connect to the Internet even when their connection gets lost. That said, Google today published a post on the Android Developers Blog detailing the status of the new utility, and luckily, some are live right now as a part of a limited test. As it turns out, I had every reason to forget about it - Google hadn't updated it in five years.

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After first being announced at Google I/O in May 2016, the company is finally beginning to test Android Instant Apps out in the wild. Google has added support for group MMS and sharing photos in multimedia messages.

The release of Chrome OS 56 has been scheduled outside the normal 6 week update schedule and it is our hope that the extended development period has the Play Store primed and ready to make its debut on or around January 31st.

Google Voice helps users manage their voice communication better using their phone number. The idea here is to break native apps into very small packets that, because they are so small, can run nearly instantly - and without having to go to an app store - when you tap on a URL. Google is promising to stay on top of updating Google Voice moving forward. It is hard to get too excited because Google Voice has been abandoned by Google for so long that we will need to see a lot of updates to this app to know Google is making it a priority. It has also implemented in-notification replies, letting you type a new message to a contact without having to open the app.

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