The Bachelor: 5 Takeaways From Season 21, Episode 5

Peter Castro
January 24, 2017

"What had happened was we were getting a lot of calls [at our business from fans] and then people were saying we were abusing [our nanny] Raquel", Peri explains. However, before the rose ceremony, Sarah and Taylor cornered Corinne and asked her to get her act together.

Group Date: "We're in Wisconsin and I couldn't be happier", said Danielle with a straight face. "Believe me, this woman could do no wrong". "Raquel is better than farm chores". "Watching Nick handle those teats was discouraging", Jaimi confessed. When Nick was on Andi Dorfman's season of the show, he made sure that everyone knew that they had sex in the fantasy suite, even though she didn't pick him in the end. The other women were not impressed by Corinne's use of the bouncy castle, sucking their teeth and muttering about Nick's wifely ambitions. The 24-year-old girl, who has a nanny, has a bold and outspoken personality. "I didn't mean to offend anyone by taking a nap". In episode 2, she stripped topless and embraced Nick in a pool. "We're fighting for a fiancé not a... pickle".

Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios has been rapidly making headlines since the premiere of Nick Viall's season due to her promiscuous behavior and outlandish comments. Over a quick cup of coffee, Nick assures his parents, "I'm as ready as I've ever been to make that commitment", while mom sobs into her coffee, horrified that Nick has been single too long to know what happiness feels like.

And what's the point of a week in Milwaukee without a girl awkwardly meeting Nick's parents on the first date?

Raven and Nick go on a date to his sister's soccer game. "She's really nice, and I really want another sister-in-law". "Did you watch that?" If it's up to Bella, Raven has this one in the bag! "I wasn't allowed to watch it", Bella replied. Honestly, this was a high-pressure date for Raven. That worry is only exemplified due to the fact that he continually keeps giving Corinne roses even though she is obviously not wife material. And yes, it mostly has to do with her putting whipped cream on her cleavage for Nick to lick off, and several other NSFW interactions. Based on the preview, it looks like they're due for a two-on-one date next week, which will no doubt be bloody.

Source People
Source People

Corinne opened the chat by telling Taylor her attitude and actions have been disgusting. This season, in case you didn't know, Nick Viall is the 'Bachelor.' After the revelation reported here earlier this season that Nick slept with contestant Elizabeth Sandoz ... that now brings his total of women from the franchise he's slept with to 7 ...

I don't think he wanted Danielle to see just how excited he was to be on this date with her. Kristina got the Rose, but we don't understand how we didn't see Vanessa get it after that story she told involving her students and the book.

The Bachelor 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, January 23, 2017, season 21 episode 4 and we have your The Bachelor recap below.

The lowlight was the chance encounter with Nick's ex-girlfriend Amber, who dated the now-Bachelor for three or four months.

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