Trump's ACA Executive Order Won't Affect Obamacare Litigation

Joy Montgomery
January 31, 2017

As of Monday, more than 465,500 Marylanders had enrolled in the Maryland Health Connection since it opened on November 1, surpassing the 457,862 who had enrolled by the same date previous year. That was 286,000 more than the comparable time a year ago. They took the first step toward that goal earlier this month, when Trump directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies to take steps to reduce the law's financial burden for health care providers, insurers and others.

Cleckler said. "To be honest there are so many measures within the Affordable Care Act that it would be quite hard to replace it with something that doesn't look like what the Affordable Care Act already is".

As open enrollment in the individual marketplace for Obamacare comes to a close on Tuesday, local officials say almost 1.8 million people in Florida have signed up.

So far, more than one million residents have healthcare through ACA.

Experts say that's a problem because younger, healthier adults tend to sign up near the deadline and need a reminder. When it comes to eliminating parts of the ACA, 61.5 percent of pharmacy executives cited the mandate for insurance coverage, followed by 30.8 percent who said the elimination of alternative payment models and 26.9 percent who said incentives for expanding Medicaid coverage.

"We've seen a big impact", she said. "Because of those conditions, we would not have been able to get health insurance".

Doctors Say ACA Repeal Will Lead to 43000 Deaths Annually
An expansion of Medicaid would close the gap, but Idaho remains one of 19 states that have opted not to do so. Covered California officials may weigh in on this Republican proposal and others at a board meeting Thursday.

"I am getting a slew of phone calls", she said. "It's just a combination of everything, and people are holding back". Allowing people to create health savings accounts with pretax dollars wouldn't help the millions of low-income people who don't make enough to put any money in savings, he said. The company launched a GoFundMe account on Sunday seeking public contributions to fund the effort. If we are to avoid the pitfalls of socialized medicine and retain the advantages of a viable free enterprise health system, these two "social goods" must be removed from the equation. "That there are things that are afoot in Washington-maybe abstract or maybe things that we hear in the news-but at the end of the day there are real people being affected in our communities that will go without health insurance".

Walsh said he was heartened by the response from web users who've raised about half of the group's $10,000 contribution goal.

Janice E. Nevin, the president and CEO of Christiana Care, said patients with conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure who had not accessed care for several years now have insurance and are accessing care. Within a week of being in office, President Trump signed multiple executive actions with the ability and intent of undoing work done by the previous administration, reported CNN.

"The No. 1 reason why people wait is affordability", Lang said. "Occasionally we get a question, but we haven't had much response to it".

"New York City is living proof that the ACA covers millions of people in effective and accessible ways", said Council Member Corey Johnson, Chair of the New York City Council Committee on Health.

"Even in the best of times, health insurance is confusing". If you need insurance now, then you'll have it for the rest of this year, maybe longer.

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