Affordable Care Act enrollment deadline approaches

Jon Howard
February 1, 2017

Obamacare looks like it's going away.

An estimated 20 million newly insured Americans rely on Obamacare for coverage.

The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land and Jackson says its all about providing care and keeping people well.

Thompson said his chief concern, especially for Wisconsin, is making sure that the baseline amount of money for those grants are equitable, and that the state is not penalized for not taking the Medicaid expansion that was offered during the Obama administration.

A tour bus pulled in front of the Indiana State House.

Natalie Ring Med'18 said she participated in the protest because it is a practitioner's responsibility to care about their patients, including those patients who potentially can not come to them because they do not have insurance.

"We have had a lot of calls over the last few days", Smith said.

Congressional Republicans face a dilemma, too. Maryland Democrats want them to keep their coverage.

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Many other hospitals across the country have invested in accountable care organizations - often overhauling their medical records systems, hiring staff and creating new services.

"A lot of folks think that we don't have to have it anymore".

Katie Vicsik, Florida executive director for Enroll America, said the order was not stopping people from signing up. So far, the record is mixed. Consumers tend to hold off on buying new plans through the health insurance exchanges because of two issues that aren't related to the lack of clarity about Obamacare's future, according to Noah Lang, chief executive of Stride Health, an online health insurance broker.

Some insurers, including Centene Corp.

"Our feeling is the insurance companies will be back in charge, as opposed to having regulation on them", she said.

When people have insurance they can see a doctor and deal with small problems before they become big ones.

Researchers talked to 426 primary care physicians after the election and reported strong support for the law known as Obamacare and for many of its key provisions. Republican leaders have floated the idea of health savings accounts. "I haven't found anything up to this point that can match that", said Moore. Nationally, more than 11.54 million Americans are signed up for health insurance through the marketplace, including 2.6 million new applicants. Marilyn Tavenner, the group's CEO and a former top Obamacare official, is scheduled to testify Wednesday in Washington.

But the health plans are still in effect and coverage is still available for 2017. Enrollment typically spikes in the last couple weeks of open enrollment. If he's hired, he hopes to obtain private insurance through the company. "They ask what happens if it gets repealed".

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