The Bachelor Recap: 'Whipped Cream and Lies'

Peter Castro
February 1, 2017

Spoilers! Don't continue reading if you don't want to know what happens on tonight's The Bachelor.

In the end, Nick believed the baby-faced blonde bachelorette and wound up siding with her, leaving Taylor alone and boiling over in the New Orleans brush as she watched Corinne boat away with Nick and her rose.

Nick's been equal opportunity - he kicked off 3 black women, but 3 are still getting roses.

Nick Viall is 5 weeks in and something cray is happening on "The Bachelor" - 3 black women are still in the running, and at least one is becoming a fan fave!

Monday night's 'The Bachelor' was quite the doozy.

Click through the gallery below to find out who is still in the running to win The Bachelor.... Nick took the opportunity to speak to each of the women individually while the other was having her cards read, and Corinne took the opportunity to request a voodoo doll, presumably to be made in Taylor's likeness. I'd like to see more of the softer side, though.

When Taylor gets her time in the woods with Nick, she's like, "Who me?" The gorgeous 24-year-old model and business woman took to the beach in Sunny Isles, Florida to show off her unbelievable bod, and we were definitely impressed!

Next, this week's group date takes everyone left (except Rachel, Corinne and Taylor) to a house that's haunted with the ghost of a dead girl named May. As Taylor confronts Nick, he makes a shocking decision and kicks her out of the competition.

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One fantastic date might be all it takes for Nick to find a wife, as Rachel admitted she's on her way to falling in love.

With her seemingly opulent wealth, employment of a nanny and inability to cut up a cucumber on her own, Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor fame quickly became Season 21's archetypal villain. He's keeping her around for an opportunity to get it in and/or because he's done this so many times he thinks she's good TV; once either or both of those moments has passed, she will be gone.

The group date takes place at Houmas House Plantation, which is not only a historic mansion but is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Louisiana.

Bachelor Nation has been hoping to see more men and women of color on The Bachelor franchise.

Corinne's funniest lines this week were when she called Taylor "a big mean swamp monster" who's "one with the swamp".

At the end of the day, it was Corinne's "people smartness" that won the battle over Taylor's PhD in Emotional Intelligence (who didn't see that coming?), as Miss Platinum Vagine won the rose. They'll be back next Tuesday with another recap of The Bachelor, so make sure you like our Facebook page and follow along with the discussion!

Then she interrupted Nick and Corinne's dinner.

However, the trick worked and Nick sent Taylor home.

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