Trump's travel ban could hamper United States tourism, business

Malcolm Fuller
February 3, 2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani earlier had indirectly criticised another Trump executive order that assigns federal funds for the construction of a wall on the border separating the United States and Mexico.

All in all, however, the US visa issuance statistics, with Visa Waiver Program countries excluded, is skewed slightly against Muslim nations.

Obama, who is still on vacation with his family after leaving office this month, issued a statement through his spokesman Monday encouraging Americans to publicly protest President Donald Trump's move to ban citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries - as well as refugees from across the globe - from entering the United States.

Trump tweeted yesterday that "if the ban were announced with a one week notice, the "bad" would rush into our country during that week".

In a statement on 29 January, President Trump said his policy was "similar" to an Obama order that "banned visa for refugees from Iraq".

Second, the executive order does not close our doors to refugees. In addition, the cap on the number of refugees allowed in the US has been reduced from 110,000 to just 50,000 people.

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Half the country endured President Obama, now the other half has to endure President Trump.

The United Arab Emirates' Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed said on Wednesday the ban was an internal affair not directed at any faith, and noted that most Muslims and Muslim countries were not included. This, however, is in no way out of line with recent precedent set by Obama. "All we need to do is look to Europe to see that taking in refugees all willy-nilly has caused chaos". Thus, Trump has solid standing to temporarily halt refugee admission from these countries until our vetting system has been properly analyzed and updated.

The Iraqi foreign ministry has already called on Washington to review the travel restrictions, which it said were the "wrong decision". For instance, the San Bernandino shooter's wife came from Pakistan, which is not on the list, the Boston Marathon bombers were originally from Russian Federation, and the Pulse nightclub shooter was born in America to parents who immigrated from Afghanistan. In fact, the executive order itself never actually references "Christians". Trump in defending the policy has invoked Christians getting murdered by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer got emotional at a press conference with Syrian refugees meant to protest Trump's order. Perhaps Trump is beginning to signal which countries in the Middle East are America's allies, and which are not. While this has not been the overt message of the Trump administration with regard to the ban, when we direct our focus to states rather than religious identity, we can appreciate this additional message being transmitted to Iran.

President Trump's numerous "executive orders", ranging from plans to repeal Obamacare to sacking the acting attorney-general, have shocked not just the American public but the world.

"Let's say you're a business person - and there's lots of business between the US and Iraq - if you're not an American citizen or green card holder, you're not going to be able to come in". Thus, people who have families, friends and jobs in the US, but were overseas at the time of this order, may now be blocked from returning. She adds that Iraq's former ambassador to the U.S., Lukman Faily, says he's been told he can't travel to the U.S.

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