Israel passes law legalising settlement homes built on Palestinian land

Violet Powell
February 7, 2017

Israel was furious when the United States, under former President Barack Obama, abstained instead of vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution in December, calling the settlements illegal and demanding Israel stop building them.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Union said a black flag hung over the "insane law that threatens to destroy Israeli democracy".

So how does the future of Palestine look, amid continuous settlement expansion?

"Nobody can legalise the theft of the Palestinian lands". About 600,000 Jewish settlers live in about 140 settlements built in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas captured in the Six-Day War of 1967.

Under present circumstances, there are few possible outcomes that one can anticipate.

"I think the problem for which we lack peace with the Palestinians is a simple truth - the persistent Palestinian refusal for the last 70 years, 68 years since Israel was established, to recognize a Jewish state in any boundaries".

If history is any guide, maintaining an apartheid state is not sustainable in the long run.

Underlining that point on Tuesday, the education minister and Jewish Home leader, Naftali Bennett, told Israel's Army Radio that the goal of the legislation was to create the same conditions in the settlements as in Israel proper.

The legislation has been condemned by Palestinians as a blow to their hopes of statehood. "No government in Israel has applied its sovereignty to the West Bank".

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"Behind my desk in the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem I have two photos, only two photos: One is of Theodor Herzl, the founder of our national movement and our modern Moses and the other is of Winston Churchill". In this setting, Israel will only grant limited political and civil rights to the Palestinians.

The White House said last month that Trump emphasized "the deep and abiding" partnership between the two countries and that he "affirmed his unprecedented commitment to Israel's security".

Another Likud legislator, the former justice minister Dan Meridor, condemned the settlement bill as "evil and unsafe".

Following these deliberations, it was decided that only the Palestinian leadership could make Israel pay a price for the occupation.

PCHR called upon the United Nations, particularly the UNSC and General Assembly, to take practical measures to face Israel's blatant violation of the worldwide law rules and to put an end to treating Israel as a State above the law.

Speaking in front of TV cameras as they began talks at Number 10, the Israeli PM - who is due to meet Mr Trump in Washington next week - told Mrs May: " Iran seeks to annihilate Israel, it seeks to conquer the Middle East, it threatens Europe, it threatens the West, it threatens the world.

Eventually, Israel will grow into a full-blown apartheid state like South Africa.

While Netanyahu in the briefing stopped short of explicitly endorsing the two-state solution, he said his position on the issue hadn't changed. Israel soon became the pariah of nations in the region.

What would be the reaction of the USA where democracy is venerated and segregation is highly condemned? PCHR believed at time that Chairing Israel on this Committee would encourage Israel to continue to commit blatant violations of the intentional law rules and even the conventions by the Committee itself.

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