MSU's Eli Broad writes letter against DeVos for sec. of education

Malcolm Fuller
February 7, 2017

Two Republican senators have also said they will oppose Devos' nomination, which could result in a 50-50 Senate vote that would require a tie-breaker vote from Vice President Mike Pence. Instead, it's more of a dramatic series of speeches meant to get attention and meant to convince just one Senate Republican to vote against DeVos tomorrow.

The tactic from Democrats can't stop a vote from happening; Cabinet members are no longer subjected to a 60-vote threshold to end debate. The Associated Press reports that if all Democrats vote against her, and no other Republicans dissent, Vice President Pence would have to be the tie-breaker.

If any new Republican does switch, it'll be thanks to private arm-twisting, not a night of nonstop pontificating by limousine lefties like Sen.

Democrats and vocal constituents have already had some positive effect, flipping two GOP votes against DeVos, Maine Senator Susan Collins and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.

A few Republicans have spoken during the marathon, but they've mostly talked about other issues.

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He said Democrats can vote against a nominee but they shouldn't "slow walk" the confirmation process. Senate Democrats hope their arguments will convince just one more Republican to cross party lines and oppose the MI billionaire's confirmation - alongside Republican Sens.

Meanwhile, with each passing day, more questions have been raised about Trump's Cabinet picks.

Sen. Patty Murray, top Democrat of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, called DeVos' nomination " a slap in the face". Both Republicans emphasized their concerns over her steadfast support for voucher and school choice programs along with her past disinterest in the public school system.

"The people have spoken".

"Now is the time to put country before party", added Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). "[The] Senate GOP needs to listen".

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