Police cruiser video captures fireball that lit up over several states

Delia Watkins
February 7, 2017

A police vehicle dashcam captured a large meteor streaking across the sky above Lisle, a town near to Chicago, in northern IL.

One video of the fireball was captured by Jim Dexter of the Lisle Police Department in Lisle, Illinois.

A police officer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison caught this on his dash camera.

A fireball is a bright meteor, defined by the American Meteor Society. Video shows the first estimated trajectory of the meteor.

Sightings of the meteor throughout the Midwest. It disrupted about 21 miles above Lake Michigan, approximately 9 miles east of the town of Newton.

It produced a sonic boom while travelling that happened as its speed was more than the speed of sound.

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Please, don't report recurring events: seeing a fireball is extremely rare and often an once in a lifetime event.

NASA is the official agency that will study this meteor moving forward.

"I think it's a pretty cool shot", Guenther said. Larger meteors have a better chance of staying somewhat intact until they reach the ground.

The National Weather Service in Milwaukee tweeted sightings of the phenomenon.

NASA Scientist Dr. Marc Fries says, "By the looks of the radar, there's hundreds of meteorites sitting on the bottom Lake Michigan right now".

Meteors are small pieces of dust, rock and ice that slam into Earth's atmosphere. "You see a bright flash".

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