GOP working with CBO on ACA replacement

Joy Montgomery
February 11, 2017

Yet many North Carolinians do not have access to affordable mental-health care. Being sick isn't partisan.

"The bill is overly broad and extends benefits well beyond what was afforded in the Affordable Care Act", said Lora Pellegrini, president of the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans.

Jamie Sabino, a longtime activist on women's health issues who works with multiple organizations, said sexual health care should be considered as important as any other type of health care. The report, sponsored by the Brookings Institution's Center for Health Policy and by The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, reflects Hall's distillation of his interviews and other research. He signed up during open enrollment after missing last year's registration opportunity.

Group premiums are the monthly costs people pay for health insurance offered by their employers, which is the way many people obtain their health insurance.

President Donald Trump and virtually all other Republican officials have criticized the act, which Congress passed in 2009 without a single GOP vote.

AIM President and CEO Richard Lord said the ACA, which was passed into law in 2010, caused upheaval for many small businesses in MA but warned that an "ill-considered" repeal of the law could put at risk billions of dollars of federal Medicaid funding. Even the phrase used by insurance professionals - the "nongroup" market - conveys the theme. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a repeal of the ACA would mean about 44,000 more deaths per year. Congress needs to find another way of doing business that doesn't include robbing people of a program they have depended on.

As I mentioned, I played an active role when the ACA was initially introduced to the patients in our community, and I look forward to the second act of health care transformation.

"Rhetoric is probably relevant in a political race but when you begin to legislate and develop policy, kicking 30 million people off of their health insurance is a dose of reality that Republicans are beginning to comprehend", Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-NC-1) said. "People with cancer (have to have that coverage) to make sure they don't die, and you want to take away this coverage and not replace it with anything", 32-year-old Mike Carlson said to the lawmaker.

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"If these people are paying for health insurance then why do they get it if they can't use it near their hospitals, near the areas they live?"

"If the ACA were to be repealed", said unusual, who works for a cable TV company and as a freelance journalist, "I would have to go right back to praying that I don't get sick, that I don't catch anything, because I wouldn't be able to afford health insurance". And steep premium increases over the past several years may stabilize the markets and result in carriers re-entering them, he said.

"People shouldn't have to worry about medical bills bankrupting them. hopefully, the congressman hears the voices of all those who need health care", he said.

"The bottom line is we have to do something", Griffith said. Yes, I met all of these wonderful individuals at my child and adolescent health clinic in southeast Washington, DC where we care for families predominantly covered by Medicaid. As these discussions progress, I will be working with Sens. Republicans have also not reached consensus on whether to repeal the ACA's Medicaid expansion or to allow states that have expanded to continue their programs. And as Bernie Sanders pointed out in the debate against Ted Cruz earlier this week, the majority of Republicans did not know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act were the same thing.

It is time to put an end to this ideological fixation on repealing the ACA without any idea of what to replace it with.

The Obama administration tried to solve the problem by requiring all citizens to obtain some form of basic insurance, thus leveling out premiums.

Frank Pallone Jr. represents New Jersey's 6th Congressional District.

She hopes the Affordable Care Act will be repaired.

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