Defund Planned Parenthood Rally Held in Moorhead

Violet Powell
February 12, 2017

Demonstrators lined Liberty Avenue this morning protesting Planned Parenthood.

Meanwhile, supporters of Planned Parenthood are rallying to show solidarity for the nonprofit organization, which provides a variety of reproductive health services in addition to abortion.

Across the street, only three people counter protested.

"We know that in this country 7 out of 10 people believe Roe V. Wade should be the law of the land", said Chelly Hegan, President and CEO of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood.

"My point of view is not to argue one way or another, but to stand behind defunding Planned Parenthood", Hornell resident David Martin explained. "It doesn't make any sense to me, just because they're dependent upon the mother", says pro-life supporter, Phillip Kempf. Across our state, Planned Parenthood health centers, like Allentown Medical Center, serve more than 90,000 women and men per year. It also receives government reimbursements for contraception services from another source.

Stay tuned for a more thorough rundown of today's Planned Parenthood events tomorrow.

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Gemmill said there are over 200 rallies being held across that nation in opposition to Planned Parenthood. It took the pro-Planned Parenthood crowd half an hour to file past, and organizers estimated the crowd to be about 4,000 people.

Jacqueline Engelhart, of Yorktown Heights, joined the line of protesters because she said wants to "to be a voice for the ones who have no voice".

"Seeing how many people actually, genuinely, openly support Planned Parenthood, that alone might help shift their decision making process", Hunter Correll said. It provides abortion services at hundreds of centres.

"It's a place that you can get access to decent, good, healthcare", said Mauri Fagan, a pro-choice protester.

Freiberger says she would like to see more "life affirming" options for women.

"I was in the late stages of nearly having cancer, and they caught it just in time".

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