Sprint Announced a New Data Plan Offer

Allan Goodman
February 13, 2017

Families could also opt for $45 per line for four lines (a total of $180).

Though Verizon still emerged as the best network, it was also the most expensive. If you have just one line, it's far less expensive to get T-Mobile at $70 a month including all taxes, or Sprint, which has a promotion right now that will cost you just $50/month till March of 2018. Back in September 2016, Verizon CFO Frank Shammo insisted unlimited data plans were not a good move. Mashable reported that in a recent press release, the company said that they do not expect to cap the plan very often. That technically gave customers access to unlimited data, but they were subjected to slow-as-molasses speeds after they went over their allotted data.

Customers must agree to AutoPay and paper-free billing, but there are other catches, too. With an internet device (ex: 4G LTE hotspot), you get 10GB of monthly usage at 4G LTE speeds before it drops to 3G. He had expected Verizon to begin offering unlimited wireless plans, but the company's announcement comes "a bit earlier than expected".

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AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have introduced unlimited data plans to attract subscribers, but Verizon has been out of the race until now. This has become standard practice on all networks that offer unlimited data plans. Since then, other carriers have heavily promoted their unlimited data plans, which convinced Verizon that consumers are indeed interested in such an offering. Last year, AT&T Inc. started offering unlimited.

The new plan called Verizon Unlimited will be offered as a top tier service, alongside the metered data plans (which Verizon calls Small, Medium, and Large). Available Monday, it charges $80 per month with unlimited data, talk and text on a smartphone or tablet. Of course, you could pay $15 more a month for T-Mobile One Plus to receive unlimited HD day passes for your streaming video, but that would remove T-Mobile's price advantage over Verizon.

Customers taking Verizon Unlimited will be able to add a connected smart watch, GizmoPal, or other connected device for Dollars 5 per month.

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