'The Walking Dead' 7.10 Sneak Peeks: Rick Seeks Help From New Community

Peter Castro
February 14, 2017

It's a big universe on The Walking Dead. In fact, I'm sure some in the community don't even know about Negan and the Saviors. During the search for Daryl, Rick discovers Gabriel made off with the remaining food supplies and figures it must have been for a good reason.

"Walking Dead" showrunner Scott M. Gimple has alluded to an important new character this season, telling Entertainment Weekly that "The answers are just around the heap".

We will reconvene next Sunday for The Walking Dead episode 7.10. Attention if you have not seen "Rock in the Road", this article will contain spoilers!

The episode begins with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who spent much of seasons six and seven stepping up, taking a huge step back. So when they get surrounded, we're always used to Rick with the gun up and everyone surrounding them, but this one is a little different.

If there is anything that we learned from the last episode of The Walking Dead, it's that Negan is not hip to the long con that Rick and the core Alexandria group are planning.

Finally, the lovebirds have to do some hand to hand combat with walkers as they barely make their way into the getaway vehicle. That's still not enough people though.

After Ezekiel declared he would announce his decision in the morning, Benjamin stumbled upon Carol in the woods, offered her water and told her the King would keep sending people to check on her.

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The cliffhanger ending is definitely going to attract more viewership for episode 10 as fans are excited to learn what happens to Rick and why father Gabriel led the team there.

Kingdom, where Rick reunites with his old friend Morgan (Lennie James), and meets a possible new friend in Ezekiel (Khary Payton). "And they will come looking", he says, before adding, "But there is a way out".

Rick leaves Daryl behind, like a sad, sad, puppy. "Wanna buy them back?" one of the mysterious individuals tells Rick who immediately eyes an opportunity to recruit more people up to his war. We both had sex with the same dead guy.

Luckily, they have Rosita's military expertise (not only can she defuse a bomb, she can look at a stick of dynamite and decide-correctly-that it's wonky).

CEO Mandy Ginsberg explained that they have realized that singles in America these days can connect at each other the most would be the shows that they love watching. And because the King is less than psyched about donating bodies to Rick's possibly doomed plan to overthrow Negan, Rick launches into a bad, long-winded and kind of nonsensical story about a rock in the road. First, a line of cars that is cutting off the road. Dwight? Someone else? Now that the Saviors have Eugene, maybe they'll put him in charge of that in addition to bullet production. Rosita disarms it, allowing the group to swipe the incendiary materials.

As they are moving the cars back and removing explosives, a massive herd of walkers approaches and it is a race against time.

Michonne whispered to Rick: 'We're here. Sgt. McSexy shows them how to disable and steal all the explosives (which is muy caliente), and the gang is nearly devoured by a zombie mob, except that Michonne and Rick decapitate a bunch of them using a couple cars with a wire strung between them.

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