SpaceX trying again to launch Falcon 9 rocket from historic moon pad

Delia Watkins
February 19, 2017

In fact, Launch Complex 39A served as a pad for numerous most famous missions in NASA's history - from the first missions to space that packed a human crew, to the decades-long space shuttle program that helped construct the orbiting station SpaceX's rocket will be supplying.

Supported by a massive transporter-erector at the top of the heavily modified launch pad, the Falcon 9 and its Dragon cargo ship are scheduled for takeoff at 10:01:32 a.m. EST (GMT-5) Saturday, roughly the moment Earth's rotation carries the pad into the plane of the space station's orbit.

The weather was cloudy but it looks like it wasn't enough to stop SpaceX from launching a rocket.

Sunday's launch was also the first from Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39 since the NASA Space Shuttles was retired in July 2011.

The park suggests the following rocket launch alternate viewing sites: Apollo Beach in New Smyrna Beach, Space View Park in downtown Titusville, and Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.

If successful, the upright touchdown of the Falcon 9's first stage would mark the third time SpaceX has managed to stick a landing on solid ground. Once the the Dragon reaches its intended orbit, it will slowly make its way toward the ISS over the next two days before it's captured by the space station's robotic arm.

While locals reflect on past launches, Florida-based astrophysicists and biologists are among the scientists waiting to begin their experiments, which are getting a ride to the space station inside the Dragon spacecraft.

The Sept. 1 accident occurred during prelaunch testing at a neighboring pad.

If you can't personally be here to witness the launch in Florida, you can also watch NASA's live coverage on NASA Television and the agency's website.

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It's the first launch in Florida for SpaceX since a rocket exploded on its Launch Complex 40 on September 1.

The Falcon 9 rocket is seen at launch pad 39A in Florida following Saturday's scrub.

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"Standing down to investigate", Musk wrote.

Looking south at pad 39A this week, she said she and others considered SpaceX's launch a big deal.

It's one of the more visible reminders that a new chapter is beginning in the life of Kennedy Space Center's iconic Launch Complex 39A.

Today's launch kicked off SpaceX's 10th cargo mission to the space station, which the company flies under a contract with NASA.

As with the return of the first stage from the CRS-9 mission, there is the possibility that residents of Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties may hear one or more sonic booms during the landing attempt.

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