Daryl And Carol's Walking Dead Reunion Was Way Crazier Than Expected

Violet Powell
February 20, 2017

This new group had been staking out the boat and they were mad when Rick and Aaron made off with the loot. As they go through series of gruesome ride in search for a safe and secure home, Rick Grimes and his group has come to a point where they find it more risky dealing with the living rather than the zombies whom they thought are more threatening. What was your favourite moment from tonight's intense episode? All the buildup of season seven thus far is finally reaching its max pressure point.

I get Rosita has PTSD and is pretty much taking up Abraham's mantle of impatience in the group, but there's something off about her bristle every week.

A teaser for next week's episode also showed the return of Negan - and the promise of more bloodshed. Once Daryl escaped the Sanctuary and was given safe haven in the Kingdom, it was all but certain that their paths would cross again.

The problem? His chosen target is none other than Carol (Melissa McBride), who is still living by herself out in the woods.

Will Carol Find Out The Truth?

I'm not sure what it's going to take for Carol to find balance, to find her own peace, but I am certainly interested in the journey ahead of her, and I'm glad she has someone like Daryl doing what he can to watch out for her while also letting her find her own way.

Then Daryl goes to visit Carol in her woodland retreat - nice little place with a fence and cemetery out front - and there is a tearful reunion between these once very close allies. Daryl is holding onto something just like everyone is in some way. An army of those armored zombies could reek havoc on any group. In the trailer during end of S7E9, a mysterious group had surrounded the team and they have nowhere to go from junkyard. Lacking the Force, Rick (with an assist from Michonne on the sidelines) settled for pulling a bunch of trash down on top of the walker and braining it with a shard of glass - but not before he injured his hand on one of the walker's spikes. Yes, he does. Does Gabriel, man of the cloth, tell Rick, "I was beginning to lose faith".

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Jadis was a quietly intense yet reasonable character. She explains to him that the reason she left is because if she has to continue to kill for those she cares for that it will take what little humanity is left in her.

Carol had been putting up a hard exterior, but seeing her wounded best friend standing, lonesome and emotional, on her porch was enough to knock down that wall and Carol gave him a huge hug.

This something, of course, is Rick Grimes and his friends somehow getting lost and wandering into another TV show entirely. I expect Tara to potentially mention Oceanside sometime soon. But instead of the king pinning up his Che Guevara poster, only his resident hothead, Richard, is moved to action. Richard almost sacrifices Carol in a contrived effort to push Ezekiel into waging war on Negan.

She's the same and different all at once, I really hope she just surprises us all and shows up with vengeance. Daryl walks away from the tiger (cat) and Rick takes the cat from the Jadis's junk yard. I understand the reasoning behind the lie, and Morgan does too.

Rick then tells the king his plan to defeat the Saviors, and after a debate on whether or not to offer his aid, Ezekiel decides to ponder on the idea and deliver his decision in the morn.

We'll start off with the good. To now be moving past that and into a realm of hope and perseverance has us so excited that we cannot wait until this week's episode to air. Spoilers tease that there could be growing tension between The Saviors and The Kingdom.The upcoming episode is titled "New Best Friends" and it could be a hint on the new set of individuals who have come up to Rick, The Independent reported.

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