Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Color Options and Pricing Revealed

Allan Goodman
February 21, 2017

Samsung is ready to make an even bigger splash in the artificial intelligence space in 2017, its upcoming Bixby AI assistant just the tip of the iceberg.

Samsung nearly certainly isn't announcing the Samsung Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress, although it does have a press event scheduled for this Sunday in Barcelona where it is expected to announce successors to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab Pro lines respectively. Now, in what appears to be a re-appearance of something that popped up some time towards the end of previous year, fresh reports claim that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could make a new start as a refurbished version.

Sadly for those hoping to get their hands on a refurbished Note 7, which will doubtlessly sell at a reduced price, Samsung will only be bringing the handsets to emerging markets such as India and Vietnam. The internal division is expected to start refurbishing the Galaxy Note 7 sometime in May. This would be the first time Samsung is not launching one of its flagship smartphones at the MWC 2017. And it would only increase if Samsung doesn't observe recycling protocols for disposing the units in Korea.

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It will also minimize the potential environmental damage of dealing with millions of unsaleable devices, which will help it to avoid a hefty fine.

Now some new leaked images appear to prove many of these rumours are true. Samsung, however had to permanently halt the production and sales of Note 7 after the problem still persisted and bought full page advertisements in the famous US-based dailies to apologize for the incident. It is the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and discontinued because of battery explosion incidents. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to come with a battery between 3,000 - 3,200mAh which is a step down from the 3,500mAh juice box found in the original. It remains to be seen if Samsung has made the feature more efficient this year.

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