Palestinians must agree to conditions before peace

Violet Powell
February 21, 2017

Abandoning a two-state framework permits deeper Israeli colonisation and subjugation of the Palestinians, leading to one state by default, but with first and second-class citizens.

Prospects for a new peace push appear dim with Netanyahu in a political tight spot at home and under police investigation for alleged abuse of office, which he denies.

Boris Johnson has said US President Donald Trump's views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been "misrepresented" as he called for Palestinian leaders to do more to further the peace process. If his immediate intention was to facilitate Mr Netanyahu's tactical dealings with his far right coalition partners in Israel, the strategic outcome is much more likely to undermine any prospects for peace.

"They want to try and provoke the Israeli prime minister and upset relations between him and the Labor Party prior to Netanyahu's visit". Just last month, at a Middle East Conference hosted by France some 70 countries, including the U.S., had endorsed the two-state solution, also calling for a stop to the ongoing Jewish settlements building fin the occupied Palestinian lands.

I worked in Israel two years (1951-53) as a volunteer in the Galilee area with Arab farmerson a five-year project to improve their Bible time agriculture methods.

Napier also opined that the closer Netanyahu gets to Trump, the greater would be the damage he receives when Trump "crashes and burns". Both would share Jerusalem as the "internationally recognised capital of the two states". It has remained a cornerstone of global policy since then, even though events on the ground and the relentlessly shifting balance of power towards Israel increasingly mocked the likelihood of a two-state outcome actually coming to pass.

With Flynn Out, Trump Faces Pressing Questions About National Security
Flynn's leaving "may make a significant course change less likely, at least any time soon", the official said. Yates told the White House counsel that Flynn's misstatements had left him vulnerable to blackmail.

Israeli ministers were upbeat Monday on the prospects of working with the new USA administration, even after remarks by President Donald Trump that have fallen short of rightwing hopes.

Netanyahu was scheduled to leave on Sunday for a trip to Singapore and Australia, the first visit by an Israeli prime minister to both countries. But now it has much more in common with the Arabs - provided it commits to a just solution for Palestinians.

The broad outlines of a resolution to the conflict are well established; for Palestinians to accept the legitimacy of Israel, and Israel to end its occupation and recognise a Palestinian state.

After decades of failed diplomacy, some former Israeli security officials and negotiators say Israel should look for ways to break the deadlock on its own.

More so, Israel would have to make a decision: Since there are approximately an equal number of Jews and Arabs throughout Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, if Israel gives Palestinians a right to vote, then Jews would soon be a minority since the Arab population is growing faster as a demographic than the Jewish population.

"I worked with the prime minister on a draft of our agreement, which included steps which were quite dramatic, and had he agreed, it would have changed the region", said Herzog. Detractors argue that confederation would turn into a tug-of-war for power that would tilt toward Israel, which would likely insist on controlling military aspects of the state for security reasons.

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