The Bachelor 2017 Recap 2/21/17: Season 20 Episode 8

Peter Castro
February 21, 2017

My wife would never let that happen to her hair, especially on a date. Nick says that there won't be a rose ceremony, and he has brought along four roses for each of them.

First up was Raven - they headed on a four-wheeler through the mud in Hoxie, Arkansas, stopping to strip down and make out in the swamp.

The awkward moments weren't especially amusing this week, but there were plenty of them. If it was to work out between Vanessa and Nick, where were they going to live? No one knows what she wants, and we'll have to wait a week to find out.

Nick has a heart to heart with Rachel's mother about their relationship. Vanessa is this far in and still doesn't know how the game is played.

Corinne's family loved Viall, and viewers seem to have fallen for her family as well. They greet her with roses, smiles, tears and you can practically hear Corinne rolling her eyes while watching, as if this is more meaning than a shopping date at the mall! It feels a little exploitative when the show borrows these moments to give itself weight. Who do you think he ends up with, if anyone, and how do you rate his chance of success? They're visibly emotional when they greet her, holding signs and roses, and it's genuinely touching. Vanessa's dad bluntly told Nick, "I can't give you my blessing just like this". For the first part of her date, Rachel took Nick to her "predominantly black church", which was full of singing, dancing, clapping and snapping, a true expression of love. Rachel is curious to see how Nick handles himself, but there aren't any issues and they both have a blast. Being the bold contestant she is, it is not all too surprising that Corrine ended up being the first finalist to drop the L-word on Nick during their Hometown Date. Nick tells us that he has "explosive chemistry" with Rachel, and he's excited to build their relationship.

We also still haven't given up on our Rachel conspiracy theory: If ABC's early "Bachelorette" announcement was one big ruse leading up to one major finale surprise... He announces that he is 100% cancer-free and Raven is relieved that her dad can walk her down the aisle in her wedding to Nick. She is instead the nest bachelorette. Inevitably, Nick left The Bachelorette heartbroken.... until he returned to Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of the show, that is. Fortunately, if this episode is any indication, Rachel will handle it well when it comes up.

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The third Hometown Date was in Miami, Florida, where Nick met up with controversial contestant, Corrine. "They do a very, very good job of producing it, and sometimes it hurts other people", he said of his time in Bachelor Nation. Nick survives, but it's clear that The Family Corinne steamrolled our boy pretty hard.

Raven and Nick decide to climb a grain silo - which actually just requires walking up some stairs - but before they can get to the top, the cops show up! Get ready for some major retail therapy with Corinne, who is on a first-name basis with every designer boutique employee at Bal Harbour. Why would you buy a peacoat in Miami? After a night of Greek food and a lot of booze, Nick says his goodbyes and Corinne walks him to his vehicle. Then, it is on to Dallas where Rachel and Nick confront the challenges that might meet an interracial couple. They all sit down at the dinner table, toast with olives, and then Corinne and her dad go to drink wine in bed as if that's a thing.

Corinne's daddy is a guy who leaves several shirt buttons undone to show off his gold chain and brags about his scotch collection.

"I have a lot to think about and I'm running out of time", he continues. The 31-year-old attorney reminds Nick that she's a daddy's girl.

Murray still hasn't read Dorfman's book cover to cover, saying excerpts he's bee show tell enough of a story. But he's not going to marry your daughter, so don't even worry about it. This is literally her only hobby in life.

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