ROLLBACK: New rules for transgender students

Malcolm Fuller
February 23, 2017

And overwhelmingly these contributions are to Democrats. A wealthy republican with absolutely no experience in public education, DeVos' nomination required a tie breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. If states become responsible for public education, children in the poorest states will suffer most.

The most prominent of these is perhaps her recent confirmation hearing.

The highly contested voucher program is meant to provide government funds to impoverished people who cannot afford private education. "I hope that she takes the time to listen, research and learn about other perspectives and other systems as opposed to the one she's just been a proponent for". "She is demonstrably ignorant about the complexities of subjects that anyone on a school board would know".

It was the best of times and the worst of times for virtual schools, which allow students to go to school without ever stepping into a school building. We also have strong private and parochial schools.

You would think, after years of Washington pumping tens of billions of taxpayer funds into public education with virtually no improvement in test scores, a new education secretary who genuinely wants change would be celebrated. She had 50 democratic votes and 50 republican votes. In other words, the secretary of education does not actually decide on or implement the policies - these are the prerogatives of the deputy secretary for elementary and middle school and the under secretary for high school and postsecondary education.

It's unfortunate the specter of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, reduced Ms. Moore to tears. If opponents fail to have healthy discussions, we stifle growth and intellectual understanding of one another. The people of East Brunswick accurately support the improvement of public schooling, rather than the implementation of charter schools.

When Senator Maggie Hassan D-NH asked, "So were you unaware what I just asked you about the IDEA, that it was a federal law?" Women's Marchers held January rallies opposing DeVos, as if opposition to school choice was an inherently feminist issue.

School choice only helps children who live in already privileged communities. "Hopefully, it won't be too bad, but it mostly just makes me anxious about whether or not certain services are going to be provided or paid for, or if that's going to be up to the school district or me as a teacher in that field".

President Trump Holding Campaign Rally in Florida
Trump also promised to always stay true to herself, no matter what the "opposition" says about her. Expenses for the trip will be covered by President Trump's campaign, not taxpayers.

"[DeVos's] concentration on charter schools and vouchers. raises the question of whether or not she fully appreciates that the Secretary of Education's primary focus must be on helping states and communities, parents, teachers, school board members, and administrators strengthen our public schools", commented ME senator Susan Collins, one of two Republicans who voted against DeVos.

She has been part of numerous education organizations as well. Her faith is one of the factors many teachers and politicians believe she is not qualified for the position as secretary of education and to improving public schools.

Evers is a progressive champion of education who will continue to fight to ensure every child has the option to go to a good neighborhood public school.

Matthew Brock, an assistant professor in special education who specializes in severe disabilities, said voucher programs - which can result in public school students being able to choose to attend, and then send state money to, private schools - can create problems for special-education students and their fit within the system. This isn't a "states rights" issue, it's a civil rights issue.

McDonnell predicts that under DeVos's oversight this enforcement power will be diminished.

"I think there's a lot of ways that [her appointment] could hurt", Albrecht said. And there lies the reason the left resorts to such shameful vitriol in deep-sixing a philanthropist whose only motivation is to give underprivileged kids an alternative to America's dysfunctional inner-city schools.

"A possibility of why DeVos is there is that everyone at the "House that is White" sees this as a non-cabinet", satirized Arya. The rate of violence to and the rate of suicide among trans kids is extraordinarily high.

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