Walking Dead: Actor Josh McDermitt Explains Eugene's Shocking Reveal

Peter Castro
February 27, 2017

Abraham kept Eugene alive and I, for one, don't think Eugene is going to just let it go that Negan killed him. But his dedication to covering for Sherry makes me question this more than ever.

It worked on Rosita and Abraham and our heroes for the a hefty amount of time and it appears to be working on Negan and the Saviors now too.

Alongside this narrative is the arrival of Eugene into the Savior stronghold, who is nearly comically terrified following Spencer's gut-spilling death.

I can't believe Eugene is abandoning Rosita, Tara and the gang.

Audiences have seen his character develop from helpless to increasingly courageous, when he realizes he can actually do things. The episode keeps cutting back and forth between Dwight and Eugene so as to compare the equally disturbing, though very different, ways each man earns his privileged perch in Negan's totalitarian dictatorship, and the ways each one metabolizes his adjustment to that sinister system. Negan's wall of walkers are decaying and crumbling, and Eugene quickly offers a solution to strengthen their defenses using a smelting machine. I'm thinking that seeing Dwight and Eugene together at the end is a foreshadowing of them eventually working together against Negan.

Eugene might be a self-professed coward, but McDermitt still finds it amusing when fans criticize the way he chooses to survive: "It always makes me laugh when I see people get mad at Eugene for being a coward", McDermitt told Vanity Fair. It's about time Eugene!

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Going up against the 89th Annual Academy Awards is no easy task, but The Walking Dead is one of the only shows that do so with minimal effect on its ratings. Did he tell Negan that he was one of them because he wants to be a Savior, or is Eugene too scared to stand up to Negan the way that Daryl did? Dwight had to persuade Rick and Ezekiel into believing that he never fully trusted Negan.

Dwight blaming the doctor and placing a note with Sherry's writing on it in his desk is a sign of Dwight's shift.

Sherry might think that Dwight can't be saved now that he's taken a life, but I suspect that Negan's daily cruelties aren't solidifying Dwight's loyalty so much as simply pushing him to mask the resentment that's eating away at him - much like the strategy of coating a decomposing walker with liquid metal can't slow the rot that's spreading underneath.

Success! An email has been sent with a link to confirm list signup. He's done it before, though he was without much success the first time, as we know. Meantime, a really extended voiceover from Sherry - he finds a letter she's left him at their old meeting place - tries to remind Dwight of himself. She went back to their old house. Nevertheless, her letter to Dwight was poignant, particularly in retrospect as Dwight's actions played out through the episode.

The Walking Dead turned back the clock to catch up with the aftermath from Daryl's brutal escape from the Saviors - in an episode of two significant character transformations. We then see him pull out his carton of cigarettes, and it turns out to contain his and Sherry's weddings rings. Later in the episode Negan makes a big display of accusing the resident doctor of letting Daryl go to impress Sherry, a conclusion he came to due to Dwight planting part of the note she wrote in his office. Last week's episode of the Walking Dead "New Best Friends" remained tense throughout, while this week slowed down providing a more drawn out story. If he really is Team Negan now, he does bring with him a whole lot of inside information-not to mention jerry-rigging skills. High five. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the one who bit you.

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