Andi Dorfman Returns & Nick Reveals His Final 3

Peter Castro
February 28, 2017

Other than Nick Viall expressing some regret for what he said at the After the Final Rose special after her season, this was useless. Since the moment was too good to miss, read Us Weekly's full play-by-play of their conversation here. For more behind-the-scenes photos of this season of The Bachelor, click through the gallery below! Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsay, Corinne Olympios, and Raven Gates are all lined up and waiting for Nick Viall. Despite talking about interracial marriage and the awkwardness that ensued, Rachel showed Nick how awesome her family truly is. This would have been the ideal time to talk about that, since Nick is about to embark on his own fantasy suite experience, and would have been some high-stakes emotional drama.

You can't force anyone to love anyone, and Raven is better off in the long run without Nick by her side.

At the windy rose ceremony, Nick sends Corinne home.

"I think if you see a potential for that girl, getting down on one knee, if you two agree to take it to the next level and to be intimate", Andi says.

Although it began as a pretty awkward altercation, the two managed to embrace their face-to-face, as Nick seemed to be looking for anyone to vent to, at this point. We'll likely see her let go on tonight's episode. "Just because I'm not in a courtroom doesn't make me less of a career woman". Well, she had a good run folks! Corinne is spitting some pseudo-empowerment nonsense in the limo about how she's done trying to impress a man. Now, I want to be clear in stating that I am absolutely confident that Andi is over Nick and that Nick is over Andi.

In the vehicle, she said "I will never kiss up to a man ever again in my life" and then went to sleep - not because she was drunk, she didn't seem drunk, but because she was exhausted. And then she fell asleep, wine glass in hand.

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What is Andi Dorfman doing at Nick's hotel door? Nick picks Raven up in a helicopter, and they take an aerial tour of a snowy national park. We get a one-hour conclusion of the fantasy dates and then two-hours of "The Women Tell All". Why she would decide to tell Nick her "innermost secret" on camera for all of America to hear? "Fantasy suite and everything today", Raven explains.

Although viewers are unsure whether Nick proposes at the end of his journey, he's definitely considering it because he asked each bachelorette's father for permission to get engaged.

It's everyone's favorite time of the Bachelor season (well, ours anyway): fantasy suite time! Instead, she apologizes if she did anything to upset Nick, which quite frankly, UPSETS ME.

A glass of whiskey later, Andi point-blank asked Nick if he was planning on having sex with any of the women in the Fantasy Suites.

Nick was clearly surprised by the bombshell, and it seemed as though every word in the English language temporarily escaped him. I didn't expect it.

We can't wait to watch! ABC announced this LAST NIGHT while Rachel is STILL ON THE SHOW - if there's one thing I really hate about the Bachelor Franchise that I legitimately wish to change, it is the leaking of the winners/future plans when the show is STILL ON AIR.

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