Apple is reportedly going to change the iPhone charging cables ... again

Delia Watkins
March 1, 2017

The latest report from Wall Street Journal claims that this USB-C will be used for both charging the device and connecting other peripheral devices.

Still, I can not imagine Apple forgoing Lightning in favor of USB-C. Perhaps the intention of the report was to indicate that Apple will continue using a Lightning port on the new iPhones, but the USB connector that plugs into computers and wall adapters may be switched to USB-C from USB-A. If the sources are correct, then Apple will follow rivals like Samsung with a curved OLED display for its new "iPhone 8". But one upcoming flagship that smartphone fanatics are looking forward to is the iPhone, and the next Apple handset is attracting more interest with each passing day due to the fact that the company has been mum about its 10th anniversary iPhone. Every year Apple prepares the release of the new iPhone, offering mostly minor tweaks to their popular device.

Should Apple replace Lightning with USB-C, it'd be good news not only for consumers, but accessory makers as well. This would allow the company to bundle USB-C to Lightning cables with next-generation iPhones.

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Analysts are predicting that the iPhone 8 will outsell the iPhone 6, with many users holding off on upgrading as anticipation for this years iPhone release is bigger than ever. The third model, believed to be known as the iPhone X or iPhone 8, is said to be a major iPhone update, offering a different design than what Apple will offer in the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The new travel adapter could also feature Type-C port, instead of the current USB-A port. Switching to USB-C on the iPhone 8 would eliminate that problem. Last year, there was some public outrage regarding the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack. This will be located just below the Home button and Touch ID display, which would be embedded into the device.

Samsung is expected to be the primary provider of OLED screens in the first year, with Apple having reportedly signed two contracts with its arch-enemy for a total of 160 million screens. While USB-C offers numerous same advantages as Lightning, a USB-C connector is decidedly thicker than Lightning, and with space on the ultra-thin iPhone 8 said to be short supply, you might want to take that particular tidbit with a grain of salt.

What do you think of this possible change from Apple?

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