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Delia Watkins
March 4, 2017

Dr. Mona Mangat, a doctor in private practice in St. Petersburg, calls repealing the Affordable Care Act a difference between life and death.

Nevertheless, President Donald Trump is determined to dismantle the program.

Cruz's position could make life hard for Republicans - and potentially Trump - as they are under the gun to make good on their collective campaign promise to undo the health care law.

How did Obamacare affect insurance premiums in Wisconsin?

Our new local member of Congress, John Faso, was at the meeting.

Repealing the ACA without an effective alternative will also have major impacts on Nevada's healthcare system. Only a single-payer system, they say, can fix our health care crisis. "What's going to happen if the ACA is repealed?" she said. Without the law, an estimated 2.7 million NY state residents would lose their health care coverage - including 5,785 people in Otsego County and 4,461 people in Delaware County.

Carolyn Quattrocki, a deputy attorney general who has served as head of Maryland's health care exchange, said the state will need a panel of experts who can act quickly to make adjustments to any changes made by the federal government. "The plan - I mean, you could be talking about anything from a $500 million cut to a $3 billion cut", said Cuomo, D-New York. Will as many or more people be covered under an Obamacare replacement plan? Yet that is exactly the direction Republicans appear to be heading.

Health insurance is a little bit like real estate, in that costs reflect local conditions.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly represents Illinois's 2nd Congressional district; she chairs the Congressional Black Caucus's Health Braintrust. "While the ACA is not ideal by any means, to repeal and replace it without having proper provisions or to try and take from the Medicaid and the CHIPS expansion in order to fund that would be catastrophic", she said.

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Yet "repeal" is still the word on the lips of Faso's Republican colleagues. Now, with a GOP president and party control of the House and Senate, voters expect Republicans to deliver and party leaders are banking on it.

The plan would slash the state funding that helps low-income people and their families get health insurance through Medicaid. Some of these people are middle-income families who do not qualify for subsidies and are still not able to afford insurance. So far, Republicans have the wrong answers. Instead of ditching Medicare, we should improve it and expand it. Thus, we find that quality is a key pressure point for most Americans in two separate surveys.

Evidently, insurance is not impervious to the iron law of economics that every product sold on the free market gets better and cheaper over time.

The pre-existing condition ban and coverage up to age 26 for young adults on their parents' insurance.

Republican leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas have promoted the idea that consumers should have a “ health care backpack, ” which would make it possible to take insurance from job to job or when moving, starting a business or retiring. "We're better than that". Alexander, a senior leadership ally, has been part of a group working on the replacement health care bill. The result is more unnecessary surgeries, lab tests, procedures, and medication, all unnecessary cost drivers.

Clearly not everyone knows this, but you know who surely does? Accordingly, we rate this claim Half True. We sweat over ever-rising premiums, very big deductibles, and mounting out-of-pocket expenses.

Health insurance is an intricate patchwork of components. For a Gastonia couple aged 60 and 57 years old making $28,000 annually, their Silver plan premium would skyrocket by 1,284 percent, leaving them responsible for a premium that consumes more than 70 percent of their income.

As they returned home during the recent congressional recess, some lawmakers received an earful from people concerned about possible GOP health care changes. We'd all have Medicare, which would guarantee coverage for all.

Nurses, doctors, health advocates and patients rally in front of the Save My Care Bus near Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami on Thursday. That's one reason the cost of those policies has soared.

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