How well do you know Dr. Seuss?

Malcolm Fuller
March 4, 2017

Students from Austin Tracy Elementary School gathered in the school library on Thursday morning and listened to Ana Kate Froggett read Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham". "In addition to this, it is nice for the students to have their parents come in the classrooms to read to the class, a community member or volunteer". Hooker said they were made of wooden sticks decorated with the clover and dust speck from the book and the quote, "A person's a person, no matter how small".

Born in MA in 1904, Theodor Seuss Geisel wasn't a doctor.

To honor students who achieved their mission, one in each grade was named assistant principal - an important position.

Known for including off-the-wall words - many not found in the dictionary - in his works, senior Jason Scales read a Dr. Seuss book that focused on sounds.

"I would have never gone all those places without my college education and reading", he said.

And teachers say they're glad to spend their last "Read Across America" event with everyone.

No matter what the activity, Kary said the books reach every generation.

"I love reading to kids and I love spending time with them", James said.

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Nick was clearly surprised by the bombshell , and it seemed as though every word in the English language temporarily escaped him. We'll likely see her let go on tonight's episode. " Just because I'm not in a courtroom doesn't make me less of a career woman".

Dana Lowe, a kindergarten and first grade teacher, said the entire week was a celebration of reading. "We know that not everybody can afford preschool; but they're welcome to come here, where they have somewhere to go". Having written more than 40 children's books in his day, Theodore Geisel as the program's face was the easy play.

Tingley said the opportunity for students to connect with visiting readers helps them to understand the power of reading in another way.

Schaad said this was just one of the many worksheets the students have to do that goes along with their books. The excitement. Let the children know that, 'wow, adults read. "But we're celebrating reading as a fun enjoyment activity".

Read Across America Day began in 1997 as a "Green Eggs and Ham" read-in.

"Reading is a life skill", he said. Even though there are no standardized test items on his poetic use of language and whimsical characters, there are great lessons to be learned from his books. ¯Teachers will design contests, family literacy events and even pajama & pillow days to provide cozy mornings of uninterrupted reading.

"This is important, because we are generating a love of reading", Miller said, "not only Dr. Seuss books but we're showing them other books, too".

The students spent about an hour and a half of their day at the elementary school. "Whether they are student-athletes or not it's just an impact to have them here".

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