Homeland Security posts fact sheet, Q&A on Trump's revised travel ban

Malcolm Fuller
March 6, 2017

Also, unlike the original ban, the new restrictions will not go into place immediately, but will begin March 16.

Trump has argued that the restrictions, which follow on a key campaign pledge for "extreme vetting", are necessary to prevent attacks on US soil. When the suspension is lifted, the number of refugees allowed into the USA will be capped at 50,000 for fiscal year 2017. Some of those voices were holdovers from the Obama administration. The debate about the travel ban - and Trump's immigration policies in general - were frequently centered around its treatment of Syrian refugees. That order was signed by Trump to great public fanfare after a high-profile visit to the Pentagon.

In a separate development, a legal advocacy group said in court documents filed Saturday that an Afghan family of five that had received approval to move to the United States, based on the father's work for the U.S. government, was detained for more than two days after flying into Los Angeles International Airport. "We don't want 'em here". Or we wanted to roll it out differently.

In an attempt to ensure a smoother rollout of the travel ban and protect it from legal scrutiny, the new executive order differs from the January 27 version in several key aspects. There is no known case of recently admitted refugees conducting a deadly terrorist attack on US soil; nor is there research suggesting citizens of the banned countries have a proclivity for terror at rates higher than native-born Americans.

"Some [of the plaintiffs] were detained in American airports for hours over the weekend; others were barred overseas from boarding planes bound for the U.S. Two Syrian brothers with visas to enter the country say they were turned around at Philadelphia International Airport and sent back to Damascus".

Travellers holding pre-existing visas would still be allowed entry, according to the new order. Spicer echoed that strategy in a briefing with reporters at the time.

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The new order came after the first controversial ban was blocked by several U.S. courts.

The draft outlined to lawmakers last week includes citizens from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya. "The other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries; countries where governments have lost control of their territory to terrorist groups like ISIL or al Qaeda and its affiliates", he said. The administration announced that it would make revisions to the order while still fighting through an appeals process. "It's nearly like the administration had been hamstrung before it was drafted because of what had already been said".

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was not scheduled to hold an on-camera briefing Monday either, leading to the appearance that the president was distancing himself from the order, which was a signature issue during his campaign and the first days of his presidency. She also cited the Giuliani interview.

The earlier order instructed the US State Department to "prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual's country of nationality"-a clause that indicated that the US was prioritizing Christians, and gave strength to criticism that the order was a "Muslim ban".

The administration has delayed the signing as it works with federal agencies that will be responsible for enforcing the new order.

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