'The Bachelor': Nick says bye-bye to next season's 'Bachelorette'

Peter Castro
March 8, 2017

Vanessa gets the second. She knows what she wants and always speaks her mind. Her father has been particularly anxious if Vanessa would have to move away from them to be with Nick.

At this time, no one can say whether or not Nick and Vanessa will make it work. Her students liked Nick a lot. But, let's do not forget to celebrate the people who are fearless enough to speak their mind and be proud of them for giving us a great TV show - even if it's sometimes hard to watch in our ever-changing culture. On Monday night, the fantasy suite dates came to a close, and all that's left is that final rose ceremony. She rides off in the auto broken but not shattered. She's TWENTY THREE and she's going to learn tremendously from this experience. And we'll see if he gets engaged or winds up single yet again during next week's finale.

The Bachelor "Women Tell All" two- hour special episode airs tonight, Monday, March 6, 2017, at 8 PM ET on ABC.

While other talk centered around naps, the Corinne vs. Taylor drama (with Chris eventually getting the pair to "hug it out"), and even a few ladies getting a little sloppy (one gal fell off the stage and another nearly tripped over the couch), Liz admitted that even though her anonymous arrival in the limo was a hit, she originally had another idea in mind. Chris Harrison directly addressed the fact that Rachel, who graduated from Marquette University law school in 2011 and now lives in Dallas, is the first black woman or man to be cast as the lead. She told Chris Harrison that she loves great smiles, amusing guys, secure, confident, and most importantly someone who wants to get married and start a family.

Moments after leaving Nick, Rachel ponders an uncertain future looking through the window of her limo. He said he's sorry that it felt like they were blind sided, but his decision was more-so in comparison to the other girls. Josephine has the worst of case of unrequited love in Bachelor history. "But it's hard to for forth with the reality of things, we live in different countries, we haven't decided where we'll call home, it's scary". The forty-five minutes devoted to it last night has turned America off of the subject forever.

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And it seems that's where her hope lies at the moment... but at least there's hope. "I can't lose you ", Michonne tells him. Josh, what the hell is the point of Tara??? The Walking Dead still has its problem with relying on new colonies.

"I might be white, but I'm still a minority", he replies. Hmm. Let's talk about this amalgamation of makeup and petty arguments that is the Women Tell All. That's why those early episodes with Corinne taking center stage were so much more memorable than the last few episodes, where Nick's relationship with the remaining contestants shifts into greater focus.

At one point, one of the women accuses Nick of not being empathetic to their situation.

But it looks like Nick is interested in one of the contestants in the said show and that is Rachel.

Considering that most people who haven't already been watching these shows probably won't tune in anyway, does it really matter who she ends up picking? There Nick and Raven got to know about the local culture and traditions.

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