Health Care and a Political Malaise

Malcolm Fuller
March 13, 2017

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan uses charts and graphs to make his case for the GOP's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, Thursday, March 9, 2017, during a Capitol Hill news conference in Washington.

"I like the fact that we need to push the pause button and reset it and say look, let's come together on something that will actually work and is sustainable". Trump's Republican party controls the House and the Senate, which should mean there are no sand traps or water hazards on his golf course.

The Congressional Budget Office is scheduled to release its assessment of the bill Monday. When people get sick they want to be able to go to the doctor. That's a pretty big deal because an estimated 52 million American adults have such conditions - ranging from serious ailments like diabetes and HIV to more minor maladies like acne or seasonal allergies.

They didn't. They put together a bill, as Ezra Klein points out, that has no idea what it's trying to accomplish other than to be a bill that wouldn't be Obamacare. The share of bad debt and charity care related to total revenues that Pennsylvania hospitals absorbed declined after Obamacare took effect, but before then two hospitals in Pottsville struggled and one of them might have had to close, Cartwright said.

"Under President Trump's leadership, we're actually also going to finally allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines - the way you buy life insurance, the way you buy vehicle insurance". Even so, many from the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party are upset with the proposed tax credit - which is a federal subsidy by another name. He said tax credits have always been a staple of GOP health policy proposals.

More conservative members of Congress who have seen details of the coming budget, the same folks fighting Obamacare Lite, say that Trump's budget likely isn't going to go far enough to begin reversing economic damage even if Congress followed all of its recommendations.

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden said the bill his committee just passed can't do everything. "'It's a binary choice, young man, '" Paul said.

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Smith and Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb., have expressed support for the proposal. If I had my druthers those plans would only count as insurance for people who have liquid assets more than N times the deductible.

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, also lauded those provisions.

I support this provision, as it will protect Americans from having to purchase costly insurance plans that aren't a good fit for them or their families.

"This bill that the House leadership has brought forward is not that", Jordan said. Though people are covered under Obamacare, Mulvaney argued on "This Week", they can't afford the care. That, she said, renders their insurance cards useless.

The law also axes other taxes, such as the tanning tax (once nicknamed the Snooki Tax, but now apparently a symbol of patriarchal oppression), and excise taxes on insurers; drug manufacturers and importers; and medical-device manufacturers and importers.

Nonprofits, health care providers, faith groups and advocates formed a coalition called Protect Our Care Alaska. Rather than paying shareholder dividends and CEO salaries in the millions that money should pay for people's health care.

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