How to Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Online

Peter Castro
March 14, 2017

"The Walking Dead" season 7 will not end without someone's death.

It's been a odd season for two of "The Walking Dead's" most intriguing characters - in the aftermath of splitting from Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and our favorite survivors before the Season 6 showdown with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Carol and Morgan found a peaceful, if uneasy, life in the Kingdom.

Morgan went straight to Richard, who was quick to point out that he volunteered himself for the kill.

Furious about a death that could have been avoided - as well as a loss that hits very close to home - a grieving Morgan winds up beating Richard to death. When Gavin discovers there are only 11 melons in the truck, he makes them hand over their weapons and calls for punishment. He then explains another aspect of his convoluted plan which is to tell the Saviors that the Lazer Tags are really on their side in order to gain their trust, and then BLAMMO! (Probably because he didn't notice CLUES #1-3.) He coincidentally stumbles upon Richard's stolen melon, and using his Sherlock Morgan powers of deduction, figures out Richard's plan and confronts him with it. Richard is all like, "Yeah, that was unfortunate".

And Morgan wasn't done there.

Carol isn't dumb and she clearly didn't buy that BS Daryl told her about the peace back in Alexandria. The fierce lady then goes back to the Kingdom and joins King Ezekiel for the battle.

After a awful day, Morgan went to visit Carol to bring her up to speed on the events, but also to let her know what happened to Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia.

For now, it seems like we finally got Carol back, and maybe we'll soon see King Ezekiel and his marvelous tiger, Shiva, in action.

The Walking Dead returns for American fans this evening, with an episode titled Bury Me Here. Even when Morgan goes to her at the end of the episode, he does still ask if she wants the truth before he gives it to her. Carol got to have the time to recuperate that she needed, and she can see that Morgan might need that now. Benjamin thought it was quite a feat that she took down five walkers on her own. Richard had no right to force matters like that.

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Carol wakes up after a nightmare determined to find out what happened in Alexandria.

Morgan's character arc was completed when he turned his back on his own morality and killed Richard.

Before making the exchange, Ezekiel and the group come across an empty gravesite that says "Bury Me Here". Only this time, things got more than heated when Ezekiel's team was late after finding a shopping cart blockade on their route that pointed to an empty grave marked "Bury Me Here". and their delivery of melons was inexplicably short by one. His death as an emotional motivator for Morgan, Carol, and Ezekiel was such a foregone conclusion, he might as well have been wearing a sign that said "Next to Die". "You have to protect her no matter what - she's the future of this place, I know it".

Biggest threat: You might think that the Kingdom deciding to join the fight against the Saviors would be the biggest threat on the block.

Morgan has been this Zen-calm pacifist for so long now, it's easy to forget that he was once a kill-crazy lunatic, muttering to himself in a booby-trapped room and shooting at anyone who came near him.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

She told Daily Star Online: "There's always an opportunity to lose somebody on this show, that's what it's about - life and choices and fears".

We all knew that neither Morgan nor Carol could stay out of this fight forever.

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