Korea, US, Japan begin missile warning exercise

Violet Powell
March 14, 2017

Moon's ascent could seriously complicate the U.S. rush this past week to deploy the new advanced missile-defense system, known as Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) in the South.

Wang has met with North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Ri Kil-song in Beijing, and he will meet with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on March 18, in an effort to coordinate a first meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump. On paper, Thaad is an advanced interceptor to secure USA ally South Korea against the belligerence of North Korea, which has been testing progressively more powerful nuclear weapons and longer-range missiles. "Pre-emptive options plausibly might be used to strike North Korean missile sites but North Korea would likely retaliate to such strikes", he says.

Ambassador Kim In-ryong (C), North Korea's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, holds a press conference in NY in this file photo taken on November 16, 2016. The early advent is meant as a deterrent message from Washington to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that he can not keep on intimidating the South without incurring a cost. "There is no need to wait for two months [before the election of the next South Korean president]", he said on the sidelines of the political sessions in Beijing. According to the latest report of the panel of experts established pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 1874 on North Korea, the state is "flouting sanctions through trade in prohibited good with evasion techniques that are increasing in scale, scope and sophistication". "We have no choice but to recognize Kim Jong Un as a counterpart, whether we put pressure and impose sanctions on North Korea or hold dialogue", Moon said.

While Israel's role in this research is not yet clear, Liberman's decision to incorporate North Korea into his discussions in Washington might signal Israel's willingness to expand the scope of its missile defense work to incorporate the needs of America's allies in Asia. First, North Korea stops its nuclear and missile tests, while the US and South Korea halt their joint large-scale military exercises.

South Korea's Constitutional Court removed Park from office in a unanimous ruling earlier Friday over a corruption scandal that plunged the country into political turmoil and worsened an already-serious national divide. Now that she is gone and the left-leaning opposition advocating a softer line may replace her, China could use its economic leverage to tip public support in favor of the opposition, which Chinese leaders hope to persuade to back out of the Thaad deal with the U.S.

The transferability of Israel's programs - in addition to proof of Iranian collusion with North Korea, still unseen - might in the eyes of its advocates in Washington justify an increase in USA aid beyond what was ultimately detailed in Obama's defense package.

Before the new Trump administration develops a sure footing regarding some hot-button global affairs issues, Kim may not risk escalating his ballistic missile tests.

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The council report was the first by Ojea Quintana, who is from Argentina, since he took the post a year ago.

Tillerson arrives Wednesday in Japan and will meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe the next day.

"It is true numerous shop owners around here saw a drop in sales but a lot of them are thinking "I'd rather earn less", he said.

Pyongyang's fifth and latest nuclear weapons test occurred on September 9. Former President Barack Obama reportedly warned the then President-elect Donald Trump of how risky and unpredictable the North Korean leader really is.

A new crisis is brewing on the Korean Peninsula.

"These are defensive measures that are a response to what we - and by we I mean South Korea, the United States and certainly Japan - view as a real and credible threat to our security", acting State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said Monday. On March 1, the US and South Korea began a joint military exercise that is unprecedented in scale and intensity.

Trump administration lined up for a dose of geopolitical reality.

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