Treat health care as public utility

Joy Montgomery
March 18, 2017

During my last town halls, there was a startling trend in the questions I was asked.

Anna Holloway, a 60-year-old Norman resident who received tax subsidies to purchase health insurance on the federal exchange, said she's fearful the new GOP plan could price her out of the market for health insurance.

The fight over health care intensifies with an avalanche of criticism. How could I defend the clinics?

The GOP's proposed health law, the American Health Care Act, has some mental health and addiction treatment advocates anxious.

"I heard one really smart colleague of mine say, 'we all have access to a yacht but we don't buy it'".

The difference in approaches could translate into average reductions in government financial aid for low-income and older Floridians ranging from about $850 a year to almost $6,000 annually for a standard ACA plan, according to AARP. It is a right. This number includes millions not covered by employer-sponsored insurance, those who were excluded for coverage because they had prior conditions or those who lacked the money to pay for health insurance on their own. "So I am strenuously opposing this Trumpcare plan". The Medicaid expansion, which has extended care to hundreds of thousands of people in OR alone, is eviscerated.

"Under this plan, millions of Californians in public and private coverage will lose their coverage and care", said Anthony Wright, executive director, Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition.

Fed raises rate and sees more hikes as US economy improves
Locally, the market appears to have reacted positively to the USA rate rise and is on track for a rise at the open. The policy statement cited the strengthening labor market and improving economy as reasons for the hike.

"By 2026, average premiums for single policyholders in the nongroup market under the legislation would be roughly 10 percent lower than under current law, CBO and JCT estimate".

Many of us have forgotten that President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency and Legal Aid; perhaps President Trump can create Healthcare for All.

When older, sicker people leave the insurance pool, premiums go down for the people who remain, Bottani said.

Dr. Maria Oquendo, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said in a statement that the organization was also concerned about changes under the GOP's proposed law, echoing others' concerns about its impact on Medicaid. The Ryan health care plan should be one of those occasions in which our congresswoman exercises her independence, steps away from the party and votes no on the plan.

"The Republican health care plan is Robin Hood in reverse". We need to improve the current system not replace it with something less available and effective. Having to pay thousands more for health insurance could force many to make hard choices between food, medicine, housing and other basic necessities. Ten million Americans, including 15,133 in District 8, now receive subsidies through the ACA.

Reporter Jenny Wagner's article, "State, Bucks County officials react to Republican ACA replacement plan", provides a range of local statistics and stories, and the Kaiser Family Foundation has excellent resources on its web site for those interested in comparing the Affordable Care Act to the proposed replacement.

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