Beauty and the Beast's monster BO opening hints a sequel is coming

Peter Castro
March 19, 2017

Among the songs, "Days in the Sun" is one of my favorites.

Beauty and the Beast, after all, was based on a story written long before Disney Animation set forth to tell the tale as old as time, and like any good regurgitated fairy tale, liberties were taken and changes were made. His performance stays true to the movie, but his new song "Evermore" is a great moment. She is now the only Disney Princess who is also a Disney Fine Artist. Korea picked up $1.2M for the 3rd best Disney Live Action start ever, behind only Pirates 3 and 4. Watson "is certainly one of the film's stronger elements" who, "it turns out, can sing". He's married to Madame Garderobe, aka the Wardrobe.

Well, come what may, Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast has cemented itself as the year's first mega-hit.

Tucci didn't get a break completely, as he does end up singing a few lines.

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Meanwhile, tens of thousands of joyless bigots have signed a petition vowing to boycott the film, and a drive-in cinema in Alabama with Christian ownership has also said that it will not be showing it. Through nostalgic costuming, cutting-edge special effects and inspired musical direction, "Beauty and the Beast" truly is a story that lasts a lifetime. It still doesn't answer other questions, though, such as: what the f**k is the Beast's name? Belle, a young woman and outsider of her small, provincial town, meets a prince cursed into a monstrous form by a witch. Grab your tissues for that scene. (Which is INSANE.) And the enchanted objects are done so well that it's only slightly more thrilling when you see this cast - Ewan McGregor! Even Luke Evans' version of Gaston seemed comparatively levelheaded, and he's a character that's meant to be intentionally very arrogant.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, they say "Beauty" is expected to make more than $60 million on Friday alone for a possible opening weekend of $165 million-$170 million. I've never been a die-hard Disney follower (more a Pixar fan, myself), and so I didn't have the unbreakable connection to the original 1991 film that inspired this remake.

But she continues to pop up throughout the film and helps transition key moments of the story. Remember that this is not exactly the same as the original (if that's what you are expecting) and the more you compare the two, the less you will enjoy this version.

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