Mafia III 'Faster, Baby!' DLC Launch Trailer Released

Allan Goodman
March 29, 2017

A free demo for Mafia III is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, publisher 2K Games announced. All of the progress will be carried over if the player decides to purchase the full game. Conveniently the download sizes have also been provided for these platforms, so if you want to try it on PC it will be a 24 GB download, 25 GB on Xbox One, and 27 GB on the PS4. This demo is 24GB in size and features the opening act - centering on a bank heist sequence - that sets the stage for the rest of the Mafia III story. If that's not enough, players can throw grenades while driving.

Along with news of the demo, the Faster, Baby! It adds a new narrative and the Sinclair Parish to explore as Lincoln works with Roxy Laveau against the corrupt Sherriff "Slim" Beaumont. Mafia III has focused on Civil Rights and discrimination to an unprecedented degree in the industry and it's great to see the trend continue in its add-ons. Vehicles such as the Berkley Freerider, Bulworth Aspen and Lassiter Nightcrawler will also be part of the package.

After installing the update, a new area called Sinclair Parish will appear on the map.

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You can get Faster, Baby! for $14.99 on Steam. There will be more content coming to Mafia III in the near future.

The next pieces of DLC for Mafia III, Stones Unturned and Sign of the Times, are scheduled for release in May 2017 and July 2017, respectively.

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