'Beauty and the Beast' family paint day at Muse Paintbar

Peter Castro
April 5, 2017

"It's about the world Bill Condon has created in this film".

Not that the story was original to the House of Mouse.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star in the much-anticipated remake of the 1991 movie, alongside stars including Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, legendary composer Alan Menken revealed that the new version of the song Gaston features lyrics that were deemed "too edge" for the original film.

Disney having become churning out reboots of their animated musicals, with Beauty and the Beast the latest this year.

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A magical rose forms the dramatic time limit in this story and when the last petal falls from it the transformation (and curse) will be made permanent. She nails the look of the iconic Disney pseudo-princess and even shows off the ability to belt tunes easily, but lacks the screen presence to live up to the legacy of her animated predecessor.

It's no mere coincidence that Disney didn't release many clips of Emma Watson singing ahead of the movie's release, and that's because she's been regrettably autotuned into oblivion.

In this edition, the film begins with how a proud, handsome Prince (Dan Stevens) is cursed and turned into a beast by a passing enchantress for rejecting her gift of a rose.

James Corden has produced a truly unique take on "Beauty and the Beast" - with some stars from the movie along to help. Little does Belle know that the only way the curse can be broken is for the Beast to fall in love and have that love returned to him. So the question we propose on Beauty and the Beast day is this - which collection is the best? But the one character that stood out the most is Belle's father Maurice, played by Kevin Kline.

However, a spokesperson did not specify whether Disney was included in its decision to call attention to the "Beauty and the Beast" premiere.

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