Windows update will bring 3-D, game tools and less clutter

Delia Watkins
April 7, 2017

While Mehdi admits that not every Windows user may now be dying to create their own 3D models or virtual reality videos quite yet, he believes that adding these features helps Microsoft pave the way for the day when we all will. That will make it easier for Microsoft to work out kinks for older devices, which are potentially more problematic. You won't get upgraded super-fast, but it'll be a lot quicker than two weeks. Having all those websites open at once could prove cumbersome.

A more interesting addition to Edge, though, is the new "set aside" functionality.

Obviously the usual caveat of "beware mortals, you are playing with a preview build on your main operating system, abandon hope all ye who install here" applies. And tabs won't sync across devices.

The company says that this roll-out will start out slowly, so if you are not seeing the update right away on the 11th, be patient.

Although there was no official announcement from Microsoft at the time, the Windows 10 Creators Update was made available to the public yesterday via the Windows 10 Creators Update Download Assistant tool. It will be available from 11 April, but as it's a staggered rollout, you may have to wait longer. Using your own 3D printer or a 3D printing service, you can render 3D objects in physical form, so you have things to hold and share, like product prototypes or Minecraft models.

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For maps, you can mark a specific spot in a park for friends to meet. It will offer processing boosts to get those extra frames per second and will also provide players with the ability to stream their video game sessions via Beam. For instance, you can have the app calculate the distance of the bike route you're tracing; be sure to first hit the "measure distance" icon (the one with the red diagonal).

It remains to be seen if Microsoft can be a serious contender in the e-book space and what markets users will be able to purchase content.

Sarkar said the impact of Windows on the lives of customers, and the importance of their feedback, was brought home to her previous year after a meeting in Toronto with a Windows Insider participant named Jason, who is blind. If you're working into the early hours on the finest Paint 3D image the world has ever seen, this will (apparently) help you sleep better when you finally give up and turn your machine off.

Start by pressing the cube icon at the top.

But what is exactly the "Game Mode"? This includes auto-mode app throttling, which gets back the resources allocated to background tasks once you need more power. Microsoft is going for a pretty broad interpretation of this theme here, but the highlights of the release are improved support for the upcoming crop of Windows-centric mixed reality and virtual reality headsets (especially for developers), better support for games thanks to a new dedicated game mode and built-in streaming to Beam, as well as new creative tools like Paint 3D. They often require a restart and can come at inopportune times — such as the start of an important meeting. While a number of users managed to download Windows 10 through ISO files and install the newest version of Windows 10, Windows Phones are still lagging behind.

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