Harry Styles Releases First Solo Single 'Sign of the Times'

Peter Castro
April 8, 2017

While Harry's album is, for the first time, just his - he did share some of the songs he wrote with people who weren't part of the initial album writing process. He also co-wrote the song, and the lyrics pack an emotional punch. Harry owes his entire career to One Direction.

During the wide-ranging interview Harry talked about finally starting a new chapter of his life as a solo artist, all without mentioning his former chart-topping band One Direction.

According to the singer, he started working on his solo album back in February of 2016 and then stopped for five months when he went to do a movie.

Harry Styles would rather be gunged than be in a room with all of his ex-girlfriends.

And the dark-haired hunk has admitted the film gave him the chance to escape the pressures of making the album, before he returned to song writing while in Jamaica.

"[My mum] cried a couple of times which was good, I think that was good". "And when it's all together it's that and then I think it's interesting to get to see everyone kind of explore their own tastes as well".

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'In the least weird way possible, it's my favourite album to listen to at the moment...

The first? Well, me crying over this song because I'm nothing if not a secret One Direction fan who cries in the shower to "Little Things" still to this day.

"I feel like how people date now - with all online stuff - I feel like you can do that with anyone really".

As promised in a sneaky teaser commercial during the U.K.'s X Factor on March 25 and the title and cover art reveal March 31, Styles officially dropped "Sign of the Times" on Friday.

"I think it's hard to not have influences from what you grew up listening [to]".

"I wonder if her future boyfriends are like sceptical about splitting up with her if they want to", Louis mused.

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