Delta Just Dramatically Increased the Compensation It Can Give to Bumped Passengers

Jon Howard
April 16, 2017

If a crew member isn't booked an hour before the flight, then they will have to wait for the next available plane.

The internet was furious at United Airlines this past weekend after troubling footage surfaced of a passenger being dragged from his seat and removed from the plane.

A nurse, who was traveling on the United Airlines flight, gave Bell a painkiller, Demerol, as a precaution while the flight crew consulted with a MedLink physician on the ground for guidance. That was the second-best rate among USA airlines.

Delta customers can now be offered almost $10,000 for giving up their seats on overbooked flights.

A Canadian man is now seeking compensation from United Airlines after claiming he was stung by a scorpion last week while eating dinner on the flight, ABC News reports.

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Data from Britain's Civil Aviation Authority showed an average of 0.02% of passengers traveling to or from the United Kingdom experienced so-called denied boarding in 2015, equivalent to more than 50,000 people.

A company spokesperson confirmed to CNNMoney that supervisors were previously only able to offer up to $1,350, but Delta notified them on Friday that they'll now be able to offer up to $9,950 in compensation. Passengers said the offers stopped at $800. United Continental CEO Oscar Munoz made a bad situation worse with a couple of awkward statements that essentially blamed the victim, before finally offering a more full-fledged apology taking "full responsibility" for the "truly horrific event" and promising to "fix what's broken so this never happens again".

It is legal to boot someone off a flight involuntarily. Nonetheless, outrage over the incident has led to calls for airlines to back off when it comes to overbooking, or at least work harder to avoid forcing passengers off flights.

Last year Delta got more passengers to give up their seats than any other US airline, partly by paying more than most of the others.

United said it will share results of a review of its policies around oversold flights, and actions it plans to take, by the end of the month. U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Evanston, has said she will propose legislation to ban involuntary bumping altogether, instead requiring airlines to increase offered compensation until enough passengers willingly give up their seats.

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