Peter Capaldi sets outline for Doctor Who season 10 episodes

Peter Castro
April 16, 2017

But Susan's inclusion has added significance, given that Bill's arrival is supposed to essentially reboot Doctor Who, returning us to a moment that echoes The Doctor's adventures with his first ever travelling companion.

As he also confirmed that he has wrapped up filming his death scene, Digital Spy noted that as the show's Christmas special has yet to be filmed, it is possible that Capaldi's time in "Doctor Who" would probably be sooner than later.

The Pilot introduces Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) to the Companion/Assistant fold, as the energy-charged chip-feeder, who has been sneaking into the Doctor's classes at St. Luke's University Bristol.

"Doctor Who" Season 10 returns tonight on BBC.

It definitely shouldn't, though. Jack's sexuality was further developed in the more adult-marketed popular spin-off, Torchwood and while providing an important heroic role model, many aspects of his personality were criticised at the time for falling back on common bisexual stereotypes such as promiscuity and flamboyance.

As ever there is some turbulence, but for the most part it's a smooth and very enjoyable ride. I did say to her, 'It's a big organization and any show that has an worldwide profile and is, in some, sense is a successful brand, these are elements actors aren't used to dealing with'.

Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez as Missy.

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Tall, lanky, and handsome in that I-like-expressive-eyebrows kind of way, Capaldi (pronounced Ca-PAL-di, because he's everyone pal), won an Academy Award, played in an '80s punk band with Craig Ferguson, and is one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

"I didn't even know it was happening".

"I was very nervous and I tried not to let it show", Mackie admitted.

There has been a big reaction since it was revealed that the character, Bill, will come out as gay in the long-running BBC sci-fi show. And it's people dressed up as monsters, and I blow them up. You have to keep up, and if you don't, well, you miss out! "When I first auditioned I was then told, but initially my agent was like, 'I recommended something for you called "Mean Town,"' which is an anagram of 'Woman Ten, ' who is me as the 10th companion". But to most of us, he'll always be foul-mouthed spinmeister Malcolm Tucker and time-traveling alien, the Twelfth Doctor. "I loved the show so much, and I didn't think I would get it, and I didn't want to just be part of a big cull of actors".

"Peter's Doctor is wonderful and the relationship he and Bill have is brilliant".

After some off-the-wall chitchat, the doctor notes this about Bill: "Most people when they don't know something frown. It's a kids' show, and how we address and treat this matter will have a long-term effect on our audience, that's just true".

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